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Stefan Ulstein’s Growing Up Fundamentalist


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Stefan Ulstein’s Growing Up Fundamentalist

One woman had a very abusive husband, and she had gotten the idea, from a Christian seminar, that she should endure it. She had taken the whole ’submit to your husband’ teaching very literally, so she would have sex on demand with this guy who hit her and wouldn’t let her get a driver’s license.

Then, here’s the part that makes me want to scream: a local Christian counselor told her to kneel and assume the position of Christ in Gethsemane while her husband beat her. This was supposed to increase her knowledge of Christ and be a witness to her husband.

I take it this counselor was a man?

She looks at me like I’m the village idiot. Yes, as a matter of fact he was a man — now that you mention it. She grins, wondering if I get the sarcasm.

Dumb question. Please continue.

I can’t imagine a female counselor coming up with a crazy … fantasy like that, can you? …

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