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Ok new people. I know you can start new threads.


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Ok you shy people. I now know you can start new threads in here, so get to posting. Some of you must have questions or topics you want to post about.

We won't bite (we have muzzled Buzzard before letting her enter this forum), I promise!

Ask us stuff or something.

I double dog dare you!

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it's such a confusing site!! it's like saying 'i know you can ask a brain surgeon something!'

um.... huh.... *googles brain stuff* um... do .... you... know..... the brain is in the thing called 'the skull?'

and cringing while i wait for 56 people to jump out of the bushes & beat me to death with baseball bats cuz DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND WE KNOW ACTUAL BRAIN WORDS BESIDES 'BRAIN' AND 'SKULL' DUMBASS!!!!'

yup! i can start new threads!!! just don't wanna for a while on here....

(& I dunno if 56 people will jump out of the bushes or not... but i KNOW i am a dumbass & i'll TOTALLY have it coming!!!)

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