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The 20th c. didn't invent sex-related gossip.


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Contrary to what some fundies would have us believe, people of other eras had enough need to talk about who was having sex with whom to come up with abundant slang about it. Courtesy of mentalfloss, here's a set of euphemisms for sex from the 1811 volume Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue:


My favorite is


"They left together, so they're probably at clicket." This was originally used only for foxes, but became less specific as more and more phrases for doing it were needed.

And is it just me, or does the title Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue itself sound kind of dirty?

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I read that and had a small chuckle. Then I thought hmm maybe the legos demo Jimbo gave Josh was appropriate since they do love to pretend they are back in the 1800's. After all you do click legos together. :lol:

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