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A New Definition of Persecution


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Fundies cry persecution over everything so I thought it would be fun to make a list.


  • Commenting negatively on public statements
    Running schools or government institutions that are not overtly Christian
    Listening to them on a sidewalk
    Not listening to them on a sidewalk
    Being concerned about child abuse and/or neglect
    Asking them to not block a public sidewalk
    Teaching science in a science class
    Teaching about non-Christian religions in a World religions class
    Allowing people to marry outside of Old Testament law

Any additions?

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Not being their particular brand of Christian, or at least slavering with eagerness to become one. :(

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Refusing to take a flier or let them (a perfect stranger, a man I have never seen before!) in my house to share the Gospel.

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What consenting adults, who you probably don't have any contact with, do in their own bedroom is capable of persecuting Christians and their marriage.

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-Not agreeing with them

-ask for your honest opinion but it doesn't jive with their thoughts

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Pointing out Scripture passages that argue against what they're doing

Using logic when talking to them

Pointing out their lack of logic

Pointing out hypocritical statements/actions

Daring to call yourself a Christian when you don't follow their rules

Likening them to the Pharisees

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