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Dominionist whackadoodle mom schools Pastors, leads "army"


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Wow, I think we have another whackadoodledoodle doo. She makes Kelly look sane and balanced. She's the mom of 4 kids under six, has written a book and is releasing an album. (She either is one of those people with huge reserves of energy, or she's on an extended manic phase)

She's Canadian, but totally on the Dominionist bandwagon:





I am under the impression that most pastors don’t even know what God teaches about welfare, poverty, theft and government. They wouldn’t even know what to say about it on Sunday. Many pastors, stuck in a rut of totally dry sermons are devoid of real-world application, or they’re stuck with the self-help Oprah Winfrey style sermons, devoid of sound doctrine.


Why am I, a stay-at-home-mom, writing this when I could be doing something else in my home? Because the pastors aren’t. If the people stay silent, the rocks will cry out. I’m just doing what pastors and elders ought to be doing: declaring God’s dominion over this area.


I’m ready to go further too. I have already purchased a bundle of books from American Vision on the subjects of social justice, socialism, welfare, poverty, the family and rebuilding culture God’s way – and I intend on changing the culture around me with these books. I plan on calling small group meetings at our home where my husband and I can review DVDs and books with our friends and family and get a study going on these topics. We’re prepared to perhaps even put up fliers at colleges and bible school campuses and form a new army of biblical worldview warriors.

The church is not getting it done. Someone has to.


If the church continues to breed socialists, promoting social justice and the social gospel, it will deserve the judgement it brings upon itself. I pray that will not happen. We are prepared to launch a new army, fully equipped for every good work, that we may turn the tide and save our culture from utter destruction.


Whatever happened to "let your women keep silence" :roll:

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Leah was my gateway fundie -- found her and FJ at about the same time. She really doesn't blog much anymore though, never established much of a readership. At first, I found her utterly frightening, but now I feel a bit sorry for her. She fell hard for the VF line of crap and seemed to think that since Dougie published an article of hers, that she could write her way into VF royalty. Yeah, didn't happen. She seems to be throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks; she got into multi-level marketing and an organic farming venture too.

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Libmomj, tell me more! Dougie published an article of hers? WHere did you find out about the MLM and farming venture.

I did notice her last post on the blog was July 2011, about her album "to be released in fall."

I notice that the facebook group she started, Theonomy International, does have some really scary racist/kinist members. This is from her last post about her album:

All sounds of musical instruments, their vibration frequency and the way your brain interprets those frequencies are “good,†in the sense that God created them to begin with. He created sound. He created vibration frequencies and the ability to make them sound different by applying various methods and techniques. Our sinful natures corrupt that which is good. A Christian playing the violin is using those frequencies in a God-ordained way. A Hindu playing the violin corrupts those frequencies, not because it sounds bad, but because he is unsaved

So her album will be good, because she's a Christian, whereas non-christians just ruin whatever they touch. :roll:

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