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Lookin' fo' Sump'n at Vision Fo'um?


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As if reading fundie blogs/pages weren't hilarious enough...does anyone remember a page called the Dialectizer?


Just enter the web address or text from any of your favorite pages, and translate into one of eight delightfully weird speech patterns. Instant comedy gold! (FYI, this thread's title was translated to Jive.)

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OMG! Thanks for that, totally LOLing here, I translated Michelle's message on the Duggar site to 'redneck!

It was 1:00 AM in th' mo'nin' as ah stood foldin' laundry wif tears streamin' down mah cheeks. Feelin's of bein' on overwhelmed flooded mah mind, cuss it all t' tarnation. ah cried aloud, "LORD ah NEED YOUR HELP, ah cain't does it all! Fry mah hide! ah feel so inadequate! Diapers, dishes, laundry, meals, cleanup, skoo lessons, baths, hugs, kisses, co'reckshun..." Mah list seemed t'go on an' on, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Then it was as eff'n a still small voice said, "Michelle, it's easy t'praise ME when thin's is gwine fine, but is yo' willin' t'praise ME now?" Eemeejutly th' scrippure thet says, "Offer up a sacrifice of praise", came t'mind, cuss it all t' tarnation.

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Jim-Bobs testimony is equally amusing in redneck, and actually sounds like him in a way lol

When Michelle an' ah fust married up wif, we thunk we might haf one o' two chillun. Four years into t'marriage, we had our fust chile. Af'er thet, Michelle went back on th' birth corntrol pill, ah reckon. She inded up gittin' pregnant while on th' pill an' had a miscarriage.

We were so grieved, cuss it all t' tarnation. We did not knows thet sometimes th' pill allers yo' t'git pregnant but then cuzs a miscarriage. We thunk we c'd set our own timetable fo' havin' chillun, fo' example- when we were "financially able," o' when we "had all our ducks in a row."

We read in th' Bible thet God says thet chillun is a blessin' an' a reward fum Him (Psalms 127:1-5). We had been rejeckin' His gif's. At thet point, we prayed an' axed God t'fo'give us an' we gave Him this hyar area of our lives. We said, "Lo'd, he'p us t'love chillun th' way thet yo' love chillun, an' Lo'd we're hankerin' t'receive etch one as a gif' fum yo'."

At th' same time we made this hyar commitment, we attended a Financial Freedom Seminar cornducked by Jim Sammons. Mr. Sammons challenged us fum God's Wo'd in Romans 13:8 t'"owe no man ennythin' but love." So we purposed t'git outta debt an' stay outta debt. We haf see God does miracles, as He has multiplied our chillun, He has multiplied our provishuns an' met our needs ev'ry step of th' way.

May God bless yo' as yo' foller His Spirit an' purpose t'give Him ev'ry area of yer life.

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Guest Anonymous

Makaziville makes so much sense to me now! :D

Our prayer is thet yer chile will tho'oughly injoy their interackive experience buildin' a fickitious Tanzanian village fum th' groun' up, includin' homes, churches, skoos, clinics, markets an' infrastruckure. By playin' MakaziVille, yer chile will become mo'e aware of other cultures an' how sharin' th' Bible as it is translated into local languages kin change indivijool lives an' intire communities.

MakaziVille is developed an' owned by OneVerse, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translato's. OneVerse relies on donashuns fum indivijools like yo'.

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The Bates first paragraph on their blog is PERFECT in redneck!!!

We is a pow'ful large fambly thet lives in th' hills of East Tennessee. Havin' a lot of chillun wasn’t sumpin we decided t'do in o'der t'be popular; it wasn’t mighty popular when we were makin' them choices. It wasn’t sumpin we did fo' financial gain; it pow'ful wasn’t cheaper by th' dozen, as enny fool kin plainly see. It wasn’t a choice we made on account o' we needed extry han's t'labo'; usually mo'e wawk is extended than whut is gained, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Sorry I am having entirely too much fuin with this and will stop. :whistle:

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Part of the blurb for Dougie's Family Strategies Series (available for $33.75 for a limited time only) in jive:

Series includes:

1. How t'Organize Yo' Crib t'Promote Family Unity

2. How t'Cultivate some Love uh Readin' wid Yo' Children

3. How t'Make Mealtime Meanin'ful

4. How t'Involve da damn Whole Family in Hospitality

5. How t'Prepare fo' some Year uh Crib Educashun

6. How t'Handle some Social Wo'ka' Visit

7. How t'Involve da damn Whole Family in Family Wo'ship

8. How t'Encourage Femininity in Daughters

9. How t'Encourage Masculinity in Sons

10. How t'Use Cribhold Deco'ashuns t'Teach Character

11. How t'Snatch Children Safely Drough an Airpo't

12. How t'Build an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Yo' Children

13. How t'Rap t'Yo' Children about Miscarriage

14. How t'Watch some Movie As some Family

15. How t'Prepare Yo' Children t'Listen t'a Symphony

16. How t'Address de Plague uh “JIBE Rap†in Yo' Crib ;)

17. How t'Cultivate some Love uh Meanin'ful Poetry wid Yo' Children, and Why Hangin' So's Is Impo'tant

18. How t'Snatch some Road Trip wid Yo' Family

19. How t'Wage War on Siblin' Rivalry

20. How t'Select da damn Best Locashuns fo' Family Vacashuns

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I love the redneck translation! I always kind of liked the Bates family accents despite what I think of the mouths that they come out of.

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I wanna play! This is Dougie's January 3 whine about feminism in Redneck

Hatred fo' God-appointed distinckshuns between min an' wimmen has been a central theme of media an' ejoocayshun fo' close t'a ha'f a century now. Fum time t'time thar is a backlash aginst th' feminist lobotomah of our once Jedtian culture, but rarely is a nuanced, thunkful, biblical perspeckive presented, cuss it all t' tarnation. Offerin' sech a perspeckive is part of th' misshun of this hyar junerashun of Jedtians as we aspire t'rexcue th' dockrine of th' fambly, both in terms of its o'thodoxy an' o'thopraxy, fum th' mo'ass of egalitarianism, dawgone it. One thin' is clear, decades of feminism has not he'ped wimmen figger out their role in th' fambly an' society, an' this hyar article intitled “Mah husbin, th' puffick mom†on CNN today is one of sundry manifestashuns of th' problem, dawgone it.

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th' Bates fambly pow'ful need t'fine some udder dress fo' their wimmin folk.

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ah's a gonna hell then on account o' ah rarely wears dresses an'd love t' walk aroun wiff green hair. Ah is bad to the bone.

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OK, my turn. I give you Ben and Audri Botkin's "Ask Hard Things" (aka Marriage Investigation) post, as spoken by Elmer Fudd:

Befowe Audwi and I wewe engaged, we spent about a fouw-monf pewiod getting to know each othew as weww as we possibwy couwd wif ouw pawents' bwessing. We knew that befowe making a decision to eithew mawwy ow pawt ways we had to be confident we knew who the othew pewson actuawwy was and the state of theiw heawt befowe the Wowd.

It was a pewiod we entewed into wif much pwayew. De futuwe of two wives bewonging to the Wowd hung in the bawance. So, in owdew to weawn as much as possibwe about each othew, we asked each othew a wot of qwestions. Oh, dat scwewy wabbit! Bewow is a sampwing of some of the ones we asked each othew and discussed togethew duwing that fouw-monf window... we pway that it wiww be hewpfuw to you. We wiww be addwessing some of this matewiaw duwing ouw 5-week Mawwying Weww webinaw, which begins on Aug. 15th.

- Ben and Audwi Botkin


Wouwd you be wiwwing to die fow Chwist? If you'we not dying daiwy, how can you be so suwe you wouwd then?

What bweaks youw heawt? What dewights youw innewmost heawt?

Who awe youw discipwes?

Who awe youw cwosest fwiends?

When did you weawwy stawt to seek the Wowd?

When did you stawt to obey the Wowd because it was the Wowd?

What do you bewieve about Sawvation?

When did [fwuit of the Spiwit x] stawt appeawing in youw wife?

What is a besetting sin? What awe youws?

What do you bewieve about sin? What do you bewieve about Wom 6 & 7?

What do you think about youw famiwy? Awe you good fwiends? How is sibwing ____ doing?

What does theowogy mean? Just wists of doctwines?

How do you get doctwine? How do you detewmine wight doctwine?

What is youw attitude towawds histowicawwy hewd positions?

How big is youw vision fow youw discipwe-making infwuence?

What awe youw main messages?

Awe you puwsuing and invowving youwsewf in fwuitfuw pwojects that advance/buiwd the kingdom?

Awe you intewested in/focused on continuaw spiwituaw gwowf - in youwsewf, youw wife, and youw famiwy?

What is youw heawt towawds the wost souw and what do you bewieve youw duty to God is wegawding that souw?

What do you bewieve awe non-negotiabwe ewements of a Chwist-honowing mawwiage?

What do you bewieve awe non-negotiabwe ewements of a Chwist-honowing famiwy?

What awe things you see as God's bwessings? Do you desiwe and chewish these things?

What awe the pwimawy events ow situations in youw wife that have defined who you awe today--the most fowmuwating expewiences and pewiods of youw wife?

What have been the hawdest things you have evew had to wowk thwough? De hawdest things you have evew done?

Who have been the main discipwews in youw wife and the peopwe who have impacted and cowowed youw wife the most? As a chiwd, aduwt--whenevew.

Who wewe youw wowe modews and hewoes? Fow what weasons?

You awe the wesuwt of the infwuence of which peopwe?

Which women/men do you admiwe the most and want to be wike? Why? In which ways?

Which qwawities and pewsonawity twaits do you see in othew women/men that you desiwe to have youwsewf?

What pewsonawity twaits and/ow stwengths do you see in women/men you know that you wouwd desiwe fow youw wife/husband to possess?

What did you gwow up weading/watching? What books have had the gweatest impact in defining who you awe--chiwdwen's books, fiction, histowy, theowogy, anything. Which authows have you awways most enjoyed and/ow admiwed? What fiwms have been infwuentiaw?

What is the puwpose of the famiwy/what wiww be the puwpose of youw famiwy?

How impowtant is the upbwinging of chiwdwen in the gwand scheme of things?

How significant is it to be entwusted wif the guawdianship of theiw souws?

Do you want chiwdwen?

Do you view chiwdwen as a measuwe of God’s favow ow an added bwessing that He may ow may not give?

How do you discipwine chiwdwen?

What awe the duties of chiwdwen?

What standawd of excewwence awe they hewd to?

Whewe wouwd we set expectations fow them?

What wouwd theiw education entaiw? (Histowy, Science, Deowogy, Cweation/Biowogy, Music/Awts)

How do you tweat an unsaved chiwd spiwituawwy and pwacticawwy in the context of a Chwistian famiwy?

When does cowpowaw discipwine begin?

How do you begin to twain infants?

What does pway wook wike fow chiwdwen? Fwee time?

What attitudes ow pewsonawity twaits awe hewd up as off-wimits?

What wowds ow phwases awe off-wimits?

What awe the things you appweciate most about the way youw pawents waised you?

What wouwd you do diffewentwy fwom youw pawents?

Who do you want youw chiwdwen to gwow up to be?

How wouwd we modew ouwsewves to ouw chiwdwen? Ouw wifestywes, twaits, pewsonawities, things we waugh at (ow don’t waugh at), what we appwove of, etc.

What is youw vision fow the Chuwch?

What do you think awe some of the main pwobwems of the evangewicaw chuwches of today?

What do you think a Bibwicaw Chuwch wooks wike? How is it stwuctuwed?

What is youw view on the chuwch and baptism, the chuwch and communion, the chuwch and evangewism?

What is the wowe of music in wowship and the Chuwch?

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This is hilarious! Redneck is funny and so is cockney. See if you can guess which Duggar may say this:

"Anna is me bint slave, right, she does evryfink for me wile I sit on me smug ass wiv businesses failin round me. Eh up, where's me fuckin chickenetti"

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Some more Vision Forum for you, in Swedish Chef:

Your Text, Dialectized (bork)

Thees Yeer, Cerfe-a Oooot A Speceeel Veekend fur Yuoor Dooghter

Zeere-a is gueeng tu be-a a lut oon zee plete-a thees yeer. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Zeere-a ere-a gueeng tu be-a muny theengs presseeng fur yuoor teeme-a. Zee tyrunny ooff zee urgent veell nu duoobt vege-a ver oon yuoor guud intenshuns. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Thet is vhy noo is zee teeme-a tu meke-a yuoor deceesiun tu cummeet a speceeel veekend tu fucoos oon yuoor dooghters. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Zeey need it. Um de hur de hur de hur. Yuoo need it. Um de hur de hur de hur. Su mooch is et steke-a. Zeere-a ere-a muny veys tu meke-a a veekend meuneengffool veet yuoor dooghter. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Feend oone-a. Und fur thuse-a vhu vuoold leeke-a tu teke-a edfuntege-a ooff a speceeel fezeer und dooghter veekend vheech fur cluse-a tu a decede-a hes a prufee treck recurd ooff sooccess es a Gud-blessed tuul fur kneetting zee heerts ooff fezeers und dooghters, und cesteeng a feesiun ooff uneety und lufe-a betveee zeem, pleese-a cunseeder zee 2012 Feesiun Furoom Meenistries Fezeer und Dooghter Retreet et zee Cellooey Gerdens, thees Merch 23-25.

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Why did I start reading this thread with a full bladder?

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Points to anyone who can identify this (PS They should have Taryn and Raquel translators):

In zee noos lest veek, I reed a stury ebuoot zee "vrung tveen fetoos" hefeeng beee "termeeneted" in Oostreleea. Zee steffff "treeteeng" zee vumun ecceedentelly keelled zee heelthy beby, nut zee oone-a vhu hed a cungeneetel heert deffect. Um de hur de hur de hur. Nuteece-a zee demented vurdeeng tu meke-a mure-a peleteble-a zee fect thet a muzeer KILLED her oovn CHILD in her VOMB, vheech shuoold be-a zee seffest plece-a oon plunet iert fur uny beby, boot is zee must dungeruoos. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Beseecelly, seence-a zeere-a ves a chunce-a zee beby meeght nut meke-a it, zee perents und ducturs deceeded tu gu eheed und keell heem/her. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Yes, thet mekes a lut ooff sense-a. Vhet iff zee beby soorfeefed und needed soorgery? Ves thet joost tuu mooch tu gu thruoogh fur zee ifeel perents, su keell zee beby by injecteeng it veet pueesun insteed? I vunder iff thees munster ooff a muzeer hes uny ilderly releteefes thet hefe-a needed heert soorgery tu keep zeem gueeng - vuoold she-a rezeer zeey hed joost beee "poot doon" leeke-a she-a deed veet her cheeld?

Oonce-a zeey reeleezed zee vrung tveen hed beee keelled, "[t]he-a vumun vent oon tu hefe-a un imergency ceesereun tu ind zee leeffe-a ooff zee seeck fuetoos. Um gesh dee bork, bork!" I cunnut beleeefe-a thees meuns vhet it seems it meun - thet zee seeck beby ves intenshunelly deleefered, und zeen lefft tu deee-a becoose-a nubudy prufeeded leeffe-a-sefeeng meesoores epprupreeete-a fur premetoore-a bebeees. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Sedly, sooch is zee reeleety ooff "selecteefe-a redoocshun". I hefe-a blugged oon thees soobject beffure-a, sooch es vhee a "ductur" in Flureeda "ecceedentelly elsu keelled zee "vrung" tveen, und nut fur zee furst teeme-a. It cuooldn't be-a thet he-a is joost a seeck, perferted, sedeestic mess-moordereeng eburshun ductur vhu vuoold rezeer keell tvu hoomuns thun oone-a, ooh nu, nut et ell.

Unuzeer munster ooff a muzeer I hefe-a blugged ebuoot in zee pest is a feele-a vumun in Suoot Effreeca. I vuoold leenk beck tu her boot lest I luuked et her vebpege-a seferel yeers egu, it ves feelled veet su muny ixpleteefes I cunnut in guud cunsceeence-a leenk tu her. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! It vun't be-a herd fur yuoo tu feend her vebseete-a oon yuoor oovn - she-a is un internet celebreety ooff surts becoose-a I gooess tu sume-a, perferts leeke-a her ere-a intreegooing. Yuoo cun reed my prefeeuoos pust ebuoot her here-a. She-a beseecelly vent thruoogh ruoond effter ruoond ooff IFF, keelling 80 bebeees in zee prucess. Um gesh dee bork, bork! She-a ifentooelly beceme-a pregnunt veet qooeds, und "selecteefely redooced" tvu ooff zeem. Zeen she-a vent intu premetoore-a lebur veet zee remeeening tveens, und lust but, vheech she-a ves bemuuneeng. Ha - I''m soore-a. "Hefe-a peety oon me-a becoose-a I oonly vunted tu keell 82 ooff my cheeldree, nut 84!" Seeck!

Ooff cuoorse-a, my essessment vhee I reed her reprudoocteefe-a heestury ves thet zee vumun ves nut infferteele-a et ell, joost thet it vuoold hefe-a tekee her budy sume-a teeme-a tu buoonce-a beck frum hefeeng beee oon hurmunel burt cuntrul fur a decede-a oor mure-a. Thees munster deed ifentooelly ind up veet a set ooff tveens, vheech she-a ves nut deserfeeng ooff. She-a refferred tu her yuoong sun by un ixpleteefe-a thet, vheele-a beffeetting her, I vuoold nefer use-a. Boot ooh, ooh, ooh, deed she-a get her kneeckers in a tveest oofer me-a celleeng her a munster. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!

Et zee teeme-a ooff zee pust, I deed nut knoo thet I vuoold be-a prufee reeght regerdeeng her selff-inffleected und tempurery infferteelity a cuoople-a ooff yeers leter, vhee zee vumun spuntuneuoosly beceme-a pregnunt. Um de hur de hur de hur. Upun shereeng zee noos veet her hoosbund, hees lufeeng respunse-a ves "Yuoo f****** [ixpleteefe-a]". Et furst I thuooght, vhet a jerk. Zeen I sev theengs frum hees perspecteefe-a. Thees gooy hes gune-a thruoogh ell zeese-a ferteelity treetments veet hees veeffe-a, vheech dues et sume-a pueent in iech cycle-a reqooure-a hees "cuntreebooshun". Thees is sumetheeng he-a mey leekely hefe-a resented becoose-a it redooced heem tu zee stetoos ooff a dunur, veet zee ductur dueeng hees (zee hoosbund's) pert. Um de hur de hur de hur. He-a hed tu poot ooff veet hees veeffe-a beeeng a hurmunelly imbelunced jerk fur yeers. Um gesh dee bork, bork! She-a cells heem terreeble-a nemes und mucks und reedicooles heem oon her blug oon a regooler besees, elthuoogh I theenk, in zeeur femeely, vurds thet I nefer use-a ere-a cunseedered terms ooff indeerment. Um de hur de hur de hur. I'm soore-a ifentooelly zeey vent oon tu spey/neooter zeemselfes tu efueed sooch nesty ecceedents es a pregnuncy in zee footoore-a. Vhu knoos, meybe-a zeey hefe-a deefurced seence-a, becoose-a leeke-a I seeed I hefe-a nut beee tu her vebseete-a in a cuoople-a ooff yeers. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Lestly, I stoombled upun un erteecle-a in Zee Vesheengtun Pust frum sume-a teeme-a beck thet fulloos a cuoople-a ooff deys in zee leeffe-a ooff Merk Ifuns, a "ductur" thet regoolerly dues "selecteefe-a redoocshuns".

Zee fece-a ooff ifeel

Oon hees vebseete-a, zee perfert hes nu inheebishuns in telkeeng ebuoot hees munstruoos "prucedoores fur peteeents sterteeng veet betveee 2 tu es muny es 12 fetooses". Yes, he-a veell ifee redooce-a a tveen pregnuncy tu a seengletun iff thet is vhet zee "perents" vunt. Um de hur de hur de hur.

Ooff cuoorse-a, must ooff hees cleeents inded up veet un inurdeenete-a noomber ooff bebeees dooe-a tu IFF (theenk: Ooctumum), boot oozeers leeke-a zee lesbeeun cuoople-a in zee erteecle-a ere-a a resoolt ooff a dunur und ferteelity droogs. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Voo, zee scoom ooff hoomuneety ell bruooght tugezeer in thees pregnuncy. Bork bork bork!

Zee noorse-a et thees cleenic ves ifee seecker thun zee ductur, becoose-a she-a ectooelly treeed tu joosteeffy herselff:

"I dun't perteecoolerly leeke-a dueeng zee redoocshuns," she-a seeed. Bork bork bork! "I feend it fery stressffool. Veet ifery peteeent, I theenk, Iff it ves me-a, vhet vuoold I du? Sume-a ooff zeese-a peuple-a treeed tu get pregnunt fur zee pest feefe-a yeers und preyed tu Gud. Bork bork bork! Und noo thet zeey ere-a pregnunt, zeey ere-a telleeng Gud: Yuoo gefe-a me-a tuu muny. Bork bork bork! I sumeteemes feel leeke-a ve-a ere-a pleyeeng Gud, und thet is fery imushunelly stressffool."

Greenboom, vhu is Jooeesh, tekes sereeuoosly her releegiun's edmuneeshun nut tu teke-a a leeffe-a. Vhet soosteeens her, she-a seeed, is zee knooledge-a thet zee redoocshuns she-a hes beee infulfed veet vere-a dune-a fur suoond medeecel reesuns. Um gesh dee bork, bork! She-a vuoold nefer, she-a seeed, vurk et un eburshun cleenic. "Thees is es cluse-a es I vuoold get," she-a seeed. Bork bork bork! "Here-a, it is cumpletely deefffferent. Um de hur de hur de hur. Yuoo ere-a helpeeng peuple-a hefe-a heelthy bebeees. Um gesh dee bork, bork!"

Steell, she-a seys: "It's a fery herd prucedoore-a, becoose-a zee beby is mufeeng, und yuoo ere-a cheseeng it. Um de hur de hur de hur. Thet is vhet is fery imushunel -- vhee zee beby is mufeeng und yuoo ere-a cheseeng it. Um de hur de hur de hur.

"Du yuoo steell feel imushunel?" she-a esked Ifuns. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

"I'fe-a cume-a tu luuk et it es: Zee feenished prudooct hes a mooch better chunce-a ooff soorfeefing," repleeed Ifuns, vhu hed beee fullooeeng zee cunferseshun intently. Bork bork bork! "Luuk, yuoo nefer vunt tu dehoomuneeze-a it, becoose-a zeen yuoo get cefeleeer. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Yuoo hefe-a tu keep zee beeg peectoore-a in meend. Bork bork bork! Ve're-a nut luseeng oone-a. Ve're-a sefeeng sume-a."

Soore-a. Fery reesuneble-a.Yuoo'd theenk veet her Jooeesh beckgruoond, she-a vuoold teke-a issooe-a tu sooch mess-moorder ooff "inffereeur" beeengs. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

Ell thees, vhy? Becoose-a it peys vell. Tekeeng hoomun leeffe-a fur muney. Bork bork bork! Munsters, Incurpureted. Bork bork bork! Zeere-a is a plece-a in hell fur reprubetes leeke-a thees. Um gesh dee bork, bork!

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Ooookay, I'm going to hell for sure.

Yer 'ave stumbled across the bleedin' blog of a yung bint 'oo is on fire for 'er LORD and Savior.

Here, stands a yung bint 'oo ain't afraid ter speak about 'er God...the One true and livin' Maker of the universe.

Here stands a yung tart 'oo only cares about where she stands in 'is mince pies.

Here stands a yung cow 'oo 'opes ter make a difference in this world that will last.

Here stands a yung lass 'oo wants YOU ter know 'ow much she luvs 'er LORD...and she 'opes that yer enjoy 'er blog and are blessed and encouraged by it. Join wiv 'er in 'er posts about wot the bloomin' LORD 'as been teachin' 'er...photography...evry day life...fashion...movie reviews...favorite quotes...and much more! Oi!

This is the bloody blog of God's Daughter...

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crazyforkate,the first one was from Steven Anderson's (aka Pissing Preacher's) blog!

I score!!!! :dance:

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These fundies sho'nuff is special to'be able t'talk as fine as this. Thet skoo of th'dinin room table muss be tha Harvard we nevah knowed about.

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Who need ebil gobehnmin schools or cost pribate ones when you can habe a god homeschool educashun dat teaches you t' write like dis, duh...uh...?

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Foe show! Nobody need da eebil skools and all dat eebil thinkin! Cuz we all knows that all da wimminfolk only need to nose how to make arrows in tha quiver. if them wimmin's get smurt then there maht be less blessins. Plus, dem evil, liberal, pants thangs cut off the sirculashun to da vagina don ya know!

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lol I especiawwy wove the Ewmew Fudd, can totawwy imagine him saying those wif his wittwe waugh at the end! hawhawhaw

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:lol: I wonder how ewmew fudd would look in a frumper?

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crazyforkate,the first one was from Steven Anderson's (aka Pissing Preacher's) blog!

I score!!!! :dance:

It's from Zsuzsu. I am so tempted to translate her entire blog into Swedish Chef.

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