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[Repost] Lyndsie Has her Blog Blocked


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I like to read Lyndsie Brooker's blog. She actually reminds me a bit of myself a long long time ago, and I can read her blog and remember my younger days, and not feel so negative about growing up in a fundie home. I was very surprised when I went to read it today and found she has it blocked.

Does anyone know why?

Personally, I hope she will open it back up. I'm going to miss her.

Have we confirmed it was because of us? I figured she just had no more use for it since they got the baby.

I missed something . . .

What baby did they get and when?

Her blog is back up. No mention of the baby.

I just tried visiting her blog and I still can't access it.

I think it was me.

I'm mean.

I'm sorry.

But not really.

Looks like you have to be invited. awesome...

Go to her FB adopt page and beg to be let back in. Maybe she'll fall for it, 'specially if you let fly a Corinthians quote or something. Also be sure to allude to the amazing blessing of her testimony and marvelous spiritual growth of your family that God has done since you've been reading her beggy blog.

She profile picture on FB is with the new baby. He's cute. Not a new born.

The little blurby thing on google says "6 May 2011 ... Last but not least, that Lyndsey and Daniel will be blessed with a baby soon. Please pray for my husband and I. We graduate in 2 weeks and ..." under the blog. Are they listing things they are thankful for or something because that is a weird sentence if they are not. And what are they graduating from?

I wonder if they are foster parents now? Maybe there has not been a big announcement because the boy is a foster child?

If he were a foster child, they wouldn't be able to rename him, would they? That seems weird. I wonder if they're holding back on announcing until the adoption is final.

Maybe that is his birth name?

Classes and the fact he's older makes me think it's some sort of foster or foster-to-adopt program.

Closing the blog was uncommonly intelligent for these two. And yet, I have to say, if I were a reader of her blog, and not just a casual snarker, I'd be kind of pissed. Two years of reading about her need for a baby, donating to her adoption fund, putting up scary drone like photos of the two to advertise their desire for a child, and as soon as she has one, she locks down the blog.

He could be a foster baby and they just "renamed" him, at least unofficially.

Her mother and sister have both confirmed the adoption...I don't think they're fostering

I think you're right Beeks. I'm not sure how they got a slightly older baby, it will be interesting to hear someday. He doesn't look all that old though.

Agreed. I do think she'll open it up again, but I don't think leaving her supporters in suspense is the right thing to do. Obviously, the adoption is not a total secret, since her mom and sister have both mentioned it, and there's a photo of L&D with the baby on her FB, so her friends there know what's going on. I guess the general public is good enough to beg for money but not good enough to be told the good news.

It's not a foster baby, and they didn't rename him.


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She changed her FB photo. She is all under wraps about this baby. I find it completely appalling that she begged (well, her maiden name IS Beggs) for everyone's support and now she's blocke off her blog. How selfish. But no surprise. I found it completely disgusting that Daniel's FB page already showed the baby in a Ralph Lauren onesie. What is UP with these people? I actually feel sorry for the baby. That he's been adopted into such a strange world. And I'm also wondering how Lindsey is managing to take time to get her makeup just right -- she must have bags under her eyes to boot! Good luck, little girl!

In all fairness, I've bought a lot of Ralph Lauren stuff for my son at TJ Maxx and Ross for cheaper than I could get at Walmart.

Totally, and people do sometimes give nice gifts when a new baby is welcomed. Don't understand why anyone cares how the baby is dressed. So trivial.

Was going to say the same - grandparents tend to go nuts for this type of stuff. My mom basically cleans out Janie and Jack stores and their stuff is super cute but I would NEVER buy it on my own. The prices are ridiculous!

As to closing her blog, I dunno how I feel about it. On the one hand, it's like she finally got a clue and did what was best for her family. Maybe actually getting the kid woke her up a bit? I think she will make a formal announcement at some point, probably when the adoption is finalized.

I just find it odd that they are like 22, and have already adopted a perfect white baby with barely any wait. Not to mention the failed adoption, but they got 2 chances in less than a year. How many couples wait years and years ? They had to have known the birth mother of this one too, I cannot see any other way it happened so fast.

I think this happens a lot in uber Christian circles. We know a family that adopted 3 healthy white infants (newborns) within 4 years....they got all of them from different teen moms who had connections to their church.

There are other people who can't keep their mouths shut. Too bad old Lynds didn't get the word out to everyone to keep it on mute. There are photos of people (including L&D) holding the baby (from April 23) floating around from other family members.

Why the sudden secrecy after begging everyone for support, financial and otherwise?? Way to thank those who gave of their hearts and wallets.

Well, when you have pastors and headships knocking up the 13 and 14 year olds, the babies have to go SOMEWHERE, I guess.

I also think D&L got this baby through some connection to a church or another Christian organization. Daniel's family home churches and the dad does chaplain work for a few organizations so maybe through word of mouth they found a connection to find this baby.

On the blog, Lyndsie stated that they were going to hoping to adopt through "word of mouth" and they already retained a lawyer to represent them. She said on the blog that if an adoption didn't happy that way by April 2011, then they would go to an adoption agency.

I recall several a blog posting in which Lyndsie was praising Daniel for his intelligence that he would have to homeschool their children because she didn't feel as confident. There are probably planning to adopt more than once. I'm willing to bet that they will still continue collecting donations for a future adoption. I can see Lynsdie wanting to adopt a girl in the future. I think D&L would probably try to adopt as many kids as they can, so in a way they wouldn't feel out of place with one child, while some of the friends and relatives have more than one. Daniel's brother and sister-in-law are expecting twins and I think they already have 2 or 3 kids. Lyndsie posted about them sometime back, but I can't remember if there were 2 or 3 kids.

Why do you think (or how do you know) that Daniel's family "home churches"?

Daniel posted about it on their blog. Some readers had asked Daniel and Lyndise questions about their lives and about the church they attended. Daniel said that his father was the pastor of several churches and that in recent years they had home churching and that close friends were invited to services at the home on Sundays.

Hmm. Are home churches always radical?

Probably not all of them are.

awwww. that's why they insist on preaching abstinence!

Lyndise had a few blog posts answering readers' questions. One of the questions was about where they went to church. She answered with the information about Daniel's family's home church. I would provide a link if she hadn't blocked her blog, but if you are on the "invited" list you can search for the entry.

Sorry lilwriter, I should've refreshed the page before posting!

I just remembered that the home church answer was quoted from in the blog on another thread. Here's a link to that thread, demgirl quoted the answer it is at the top of the page.


That's a good question. I would think that people would decide to home church because they have theological differences with the church they were attending, or they live too far away to regularly attend a traditional church. I suspect with Daniel and Lyndsie and their families that they home-church because of theological differences. From the fundies discussed on here, it seems like the common issue is that the brick and mortar church isn't conservative enough. It's pretty easy to find a more liberal church, and generally, people who are looking for a more liberal church are okay with some theological differences. If you are more conservative - like the Maxwells - and believe that you have a hotline to God, then those theological differences become major problems.

The whole home-church thing seems cultish to me. When it's your father/the head of the family giving Bible studies, there is very little room for debate and questioning.

After having one adoption get quashed before placement, I can imagine they are just laying low until the point where they could have this adoption fall apart as well. Failed adoptions are way more common than the agencies tell people and it's a devestating situation for all people involved (having seen it happen to a friend). Once that window closes and the adoption is finalized, I bet that the blog opens back up and there will be thousands and thousands of pictures.

I wouldn't necessarily assume all home churches are radical, but I'd argue it's easier for them to become and stay radical. In that type of setting there is no room for discussion or debate, no conflicting opinions, no challenges to whoever runs it. They're insulated and unless they regularly meet with other groups (but usually the groups they meet with are very like-minded) they just feed off each other.

I've never come across a home church online that doesn't have some radical aspect.

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Your right wonderinginWA shes very selfish. Living with ovarian cancer is obviously the most appalling act of selfishness you can have, also the fact that she cant have kids, thats selfish too. Better yet, all human beings with cancer and aids just must be selfish people because they try to make the best of their life. Why dont you spend more time worrying about how pathetic you are then sitting on a blog of someone just looking for support and advice about adopting a baby and living her life. What kind of low life homo comes on a forum and makes fun of someone with cancer? Go outside and get a tan its time to grow up little boy. Lyndsie is a beautiful woman with a gigantic heart and wants to start a family the best way she can. BY THE WAY.......................... she doesnt have cancer anymore so does this make her less selfish now? Ive never wished this on anyone but i hope one day you know what it feels like to not only be completely denied when it comes to kids, but i also hope you know the tragedy of what its like to live with something like ovarian cancer, God has a special place for you when you die and i hope you get all you deserve.

Ah, christian love at its best.

I believe I shall change my toes to a nice hot pink on saturday.

Oh, boy. Sigh. Someone on this board doesn't quite understand the joy of snarking.

And yes, I hope I get my special place when I die, too. And just what makes you believe I don't have a terminal illness as well? Check your facts, honey.

Whoever thought of the subtitle for ppl posting their first 10 (15?) posts was a genius.

Hot Pink sounds good. Perhaps I will add some sparkles in honour of the queen of faux Victoriana paying us a special visit this week.

I can't paint my nails, it never dries or pops off like press on nails, but I do like pretty sandals. I just bought my 3rd pair and it isn't even summer yet. All the talk about nail polish makes me wish I could sport some pretty nails like all of you but I will live through all of you. Now onto something we all can enjoy, I wonder if there is a picture of St. Alan with a puppy or kitten? Or with his nails painted?

I want to try the katy perry teenage dream nailpolish. Anyone ever try her nailpolishes?

I'm changing my toenails to SourPuss. You can imagine what color and consistancy that might be. Thick, yellow, with a foul smell. Perfect for feet!

My sister bought a silver nail polish that crackles as it dries. She put it over hot pink, but I think it would be divine over a pastel. But I'm not sure if I would need to change my toenail colors. I have lime green toenails right now and I love them, especially with my hot pink sandals.

Hi Lyndsie.


I bet Lyndsie could recommend us some kick-ass polish colors. What luck. . .

Actually, according to lyndsie on her blog, she still has cancer cells in her abdomen

Ya I'm sure the highlight of your day is "snarking" on a forum, better yet I'm sure other people with an illness would love for you to hide behind a computer and "snark" on their illness. Your sure the pride and joy of American society, have fun buying your groceries with food stamps the rest of your life you low life trash.

Ugh, the carpets really did just dry... guess its time to get the spot bot out again.

She's not the one on food stamps. Get your facts straight and learn to spell. You're making a fool of yourself with your rampant misspelling and lack of grammar.

We don't snark on her illness, we snark on her sense of entitlement and her shitty taste in clothing. That and the fact that she begged for hand-outs, then cut communication as soon as she got what she wanted.



I have to bite, where are these food stamps you fundies keep talking about? I wish we could get food stamps as we have 5 sons who can eat us out of house and home at times, but since my husband makes over 6 figures we don't qualify. And I think your bridge is going to be heavily damaged by all the goats who are dancing on it. You had better go check on it. By the way, aren't you the same sweetheart who came by last week with the same message for us? Did you forget your screen name already?


What do you think of the pink color? The orange really isnt me.

Wait did you just call people homos? Low life homo?

You arent with my time. You are disgusting.

I love it buzzard. Very pretty, is that sweetie yours?

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My toe nails are hot pink right now. I wish I could paint my fingernails but the kill-joy clinical instructors have decreed that we nursing students have to be in uniform tomorrow for clinical lab even though we won't be at the hospital. So, no nail polish.

No, I need to upload pictures of them to snapfish so I can pose them for FJ comments. I have 2 giant yellow rescue mutts. They are my boys and I love them!

I was seriously ill and am infertile, does that mean I have licence to snark freely?

Awww, rescue mutts are the best fur babies to have. smile.gif

ETA this is in response to buzzard. Alecto, so sorry.

So sorry Alecto! I hope things get better!

Rescue dogs know you saved them and they love you all the more for it. My boys have their own beds on each floor of the house, water bowls in every room, health insurance that costs more than mine, and eat uber premium dog food.

Food stamps? Not unless my membership at doguroo that gives me points for buying bags count.

Snark on FJ, snark on!

Why do so many people who come here to chastise us accuse us of being on food stamps? Is it something to be ashamed of? In my mind, there's nothing wrong with getting help when you need it. But what do I know? Also, why assume we're poor? ... And the dizziness I've had since Friday was just starting to go away...

What kind of low life homo comes on a forum and makes fun of someone with cancer?

The same kind of person that uses sexual orientation as a slur, I suppose.

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I agree...with, of course, the minor edit of Homo's to Homos. I refuse to be a grammatically incorrect homo. Or even one of a group of grammatically incorrect homos.

I just read SourWarhead's post. I bet it's a friend or someone connected to the family. I agree with others just because someone suffers tragedy doesn't mean they are immune from snark. Everyone has their flaws and we all snark on each other to a certain degree. As I have said before, I never thought Lyndsie was a horrible person, but honestly her entitled attitude really drove me to snark on her. She could have at least worked part time to contribute to the adoption fund.

Also SourWarhead saying we will get what we deserve and God has a special place for us doesn't scare or effect me at all because I'm an atheist now and to me there is not a signficant amount of proof that heaven or hell exists to me. I still respect FJ members who are Christians and who have shared kind words and wisdom on this board. I'm sure there are some Christians that would have told someone like Lyndsie to get a job and they would have said "God helps those, who help themselves." That is something Lyndsie hasn't learned to do. I totally understand the pro bono medical treatments and fundraisers that were given to her during her cancer bouts, but with her adoption fund, she should working to add to that fund. Lyndsie during her time as a indignant cancer patient should have wised up to the fact that nothing is guaranteed and sometimes you have put your blood, sweat and tears into things you want resolved or accomplished.

Wow-- While this thread was growing I actually WAS getting a mani/pedi with one of FJers favorite OPI color - "I'm Not Really A Waitress"

I really want to call Sour Warhead a c--- right now.

My dear MIL is on food stamps because she had cancer (a brain tumor) that left her disabled and unable to work. Disability doesn't cover her expenses, so she gets a whopping $15 a month in food stamps. I'm wondering if SourWarhead can comprehend that you can a. have cancer, and b. accept food stamps. And guess what, Sour Warhead, you can have cancer, accept food stamps, be a Christian, and be a homosexual!

I'm sure her mind is blown.

ETA: Has one of our lovely mods checked to see if SourWarhead is a sock puppet?

I have nothing against people who need help, once that was me who needed help when I was leaving an abusive marriage. But these people assume all people who need federal/state help are low lifes who just want to sit on their collective asses while waiting for the welfare check to come in. Well those people hate it, I know first hand. I was going to school to try to get off of welfare but I married first before I did. It sucks a big one to cash a welfare check or pay with food stamps that you tear out like coupons and looks like foreign money. Everyone knows you are a "low life" when they see you separating your shopping by food stamp, WIC and cash purchases. I have been screamed at and once even spit on because how dare I buy my toddlers fresh fruits and veggies on "their" dime when dented canned food would serve just as well. Yeah, I have stood there with tears streaming down my cheeks while strangers went through my cart screaming my children didn't deserve fresh food. (before any asks, no the store managers never allowed those people to continue and they were always asked/told to leave the store) You would not believe that those same people sat next to me in church. How Christian of them. I want you to tell me one person who really wants to be on food stamps, just one. F-off sourwarhead, just F-off, Jesus has judged me and found me worthy, to bad you can't say the same.

If SourWarhead is going to shit on our living room rug, the least he/she can do is rent a steamer and come over here to clean it up.

What is also amusing is these people come here to slap our hands and pull up threads that are old. This thread is a couple weeks old and we haven't been talking about L&D;, but now we are again because someone that is on her side (in theory) comes here and brings up something we had long ago let go.

If you don't want people talking about her, why did you bring it up again? Her blog is closed now so we wouldn't have anything else to say about her most likely, yet you come in, guns blazing to bring her right back to the forefront again.

I have seen this happen over and over again with certain fundies. It makes me wonder if they *really* want to be left alone. It seems like every time we are leaving them alone someone comes in and dredges up some old ass thread to slap our hands and get us going again.

But is it still persecution if they aren't being persecuted?

But is it still persecution if they aren't being persecuted?

That is a very deep question. If a Fundie is being persecuted and not attention whoring about it, does it count?

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Was this posted before? I can't keep track of all the lovely Lazy threads. It's from May 23rd.

from http://wwwdotworleyhouseblogdotcom

"I wanted to update you all on that Daniel & Lyndsie are in the process of adopting a precious baby boy! It is with their permission that I share this news with you, it is an answer to prayer for the them! Their baby boy is at home with them now as they continue and finalize the final legal things they need to to adopt this child....No one was misled and there is no dishonesty happening with this fundraiser. I ask that we respect this family and their privacy and REJOICE with them during this time. I am so happy and excited for the Brookers as they become a family and experience the joys and all the amazing moments that come with parenthood! I am reminded of John 16:33 during this time. Take heart, Jesus has overcome the WORLD and he will over come any rumours or negativity surrounding this time. This is and will be the last time I will address this on the blog."

The people who run Angel Food make a lot of money off it, so I think you are safe.

In Washington, WIC is not on a card and how I wish it was. It takes forever for them to check things off the list and ring them up one at a time. I'm not complaining, because in WA we get whole wheat bread, fresh produce, and generally good stuff compared to the juice and cheese overload I hear about in other states.

I hate separating things according to WIC and food stamps and cash purchases. Even if I go shopping at midnight, there is always someone rolling their eyes. I just apologize; it takes forever and no one likes to wait.

To the commenter who had someone assault them over a food stamp purchase: I also have gotten comments on things I buy with food stamps. I think some people feel it is their civic duty. One of the few times I bought cupcakes (for a class party, it's what I was assigned, and they want everything in an unopened package so I couldn't make them myself), I had a woman behind me talking loudly about it. "There's my tax dollars at work. Freaking junk food. I bet her kids are obese. This is what we get for voting in that socialist..." Never mind the cart full of fresh spinach and chicken and grapes; they always hone in on that one purchase they don't approve of. If you had been buying canned fruit instead of fresh (which is more expensive once you drain the syrup anyway! I mean, really?!?!) they would have been bitching that your kid is getting type 2 diabetes on their dime.

Meeeh. Yeah, as someone who has cashiered quite a bit in her day -- WIC (we don't get cards here, either) sucks. Esp. when you're doing 5-6 transactions for one person. My mom was a foster parent forever and got WIC for many of her kids -- so I still don't understand why they break up the checks into at least 3-4 per kid per adult. I have so much respect for both cashiers than can ring up WIC purchases quickly and for parents who actually read labels and/or have done this shit before and don't argue.

Funny WIC story: as a WalMart cashier, I was almost physically assaulted twice when our county's WIC program quit carrying JuicyJuice products. I mean, I had no idea that JuicyJuice and StoreJuice were different but hells if they aren't? The second lady was very stereotypical Welfare Mom-ish and actually worked at our store. (Not so much stereotypical as white trash, I guess.) So after screaming her lungs out for the assistant manager that she knew (who worked in the back, not front-end, and wasn't working that day cause we called okay?), I still remember her shrieking "ah neeeeed mah juicyjuice!" while lunging at me. Hot Guy CSM saved me. But whenever my husband doesn't do what I want right away, I cue the same ---) "ah neeeeed mah juicyjuice!" quite loudly.

I think the worst was getting college freshmen women who had just received credit cards...ya'all know the rest. They're charging perfume and panties and make-up on a card with at least 35% interest. At least the poor folks were charging their kids' Christmas presents on cards with a decent interest rate. Seriously.

I am arriving late to the party here, but why are people using food stamps being bashed and accused of being lazy? As a retired social worker/assigned counsel attorney, I can say that my clients and their families need the help. People do need to eat. People on food stamps are NOT lazy (I am sure some are, but most are not) Times are hard and families need food. Shelter, food, water . . . it's what is needed to survive.

Don't get me started on the homophobic talk, or I will never get off my soapbox. As the very proud mother of a wonderful gay son I have strong opinions on the subject.

HAHAHAHAHA. oh, how very awesome.

I've had a credit card since I was 16 and I love when I can tell that people are judging me for using it. I have always paid off the balance, on time, every single month, I just like to build up the points and not having to deal with cash. I'm planning to use my points to pay for flights to europe next summer for hubby and I.

Thanks for posting this, LMM -- I hadn't seen it before. I took heart when I looked at the post one prior and saw that, of the 1000 dollars they were hoping to raise for Lyndsie's adoption, only 80 dollars was actually collected. That should be sufficient to purchase Ethan one Polo onesie and a pair of very tiny Diesel jeans, so it was money well-donated!

ETA: commas are our friends.


you don't need to apologize.

Sunny, you work in a long term care facility, don't you ? I know a lot of the CNAs I work with are eligible for food stamps even with a full time job (or as full time as they will allow since they send you home when the census drops ). I think there are very few people in this world who work harder than a good CNA.

Sour Warhead, I suggest you crawl back from whence you came. I'm a proud "homo" . Have a nice day.

What always entertains me is the people who have used WIC and get all up on the high horse over welfare. I have a former coworker who identifies as libertarian, is all about the bootstraps, and hates the idea of welfare/people having too many kids (but doesn't support making BC more available)... who used WIC when he was stationed in England due to cost of living. He will argue until he is blue in the face that WIC is not a form of welfare.

And I agree with treemom - there's no need to apologize for the WIC purchase taking a long time. You aren't the one who made the process super complicated.

What is it with the obsession fundies seem to have with food stamps? It seriously baffles me. Have they convinced themselves that all people not like them are on food stamps? Does evil/heathen = food stamps? Just bizarre.

Some of these fundies need to get themselves on some food stamps and start feeding their children some decent food in reasonable amounts. I would be happy to know that my tax dollars are going to help their children.

This is unfortunately true. It's sometimes known as "false start." Actual hard stats are hard to find since some people don't count adoptions that haven't been made final (even though the child may be with the adoptive family for several months before the date for finalization, and can be taken back anytime before that). I've read that anywhere from 10% to half of all adoption-attempt end with no child for the adoptive family. I met a woman who had three children in her home all taken back by the birth mothers. She finally adopted from Africa. She couldn't handle another baby being taken back, and international adoptions rarely ever have a child returned (the father of Madonna's child didn't consent to the adoption, yet didn't get his child back).

Still, if Lyndsie was going to panhandle to the general internet for help, she should be letting people see the fruits of their labor.

The low-lifes who don't even try to help themselves are the ones most visible. I don't think many people using food stamps are just temporary help and hope to get off of it are the ones boasting about what they get and act entitled. I've mentioned my cousin here before. The squeaky wheel gets the attention.

Not to hijack this thread but SunnyAndrsn I am going for my CNA cert this fall and my goal is to eventually become an RN. How do you like working as CNA and how is the pay?

Ahh...Your view of assisting the poor is so Christian. I can imagine Jesus saying those very words. One in SEVEN Americans receive food stamps. Do you honestly believe that one in seven people are "squeaky wheels"? (It's squeaky wheel gets the grease, by the way, but whatevs.)

A food stamp provision of the 1996 welfare law limits the receipt of food stamps for most people between the ages of 18 and 50 (i.e., 18- to 49-year-olds) who are not disabled or raising minor children to three months while unemployed out of each three-year period. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that in an average month, this provision has served to deny food stamps to about 400,000 low-income jobless individuals who are willing to work but cannot find a job. This includes people who have been working but have lost their jobs due to a plant closing, company downsizing, or for other reasons and cannot find employment within a few months.


PS - You should totally report your cousin. Here's how!

How do I report someone I think is violating SNAP rules?

Although SNAP is a Federal assistance program, it is the States that administer it, including the investigation and prosecution of violations of the SNAP rules. Most States maintain a fraud hotline number for the public to call to report suspected violations. The following link provides the number to call for your State to report your information. http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/contact_info/fraud.pdf

Glamourdollxoxo, Actually I (brashchick) am a CNA. I believe Sunny is an RN. Being a CNA is wonderful and impossible all at the same time. I love my residents, some of the nurses and many of the families. But it is fast-paced and very physical. And you will sometimes think that there is no way you could ever meet all the demands that are being placed on you. The pay depends on your state, but it is not enough to do what we do. I will be eligible to take the LPN boards soon, and will finish nursing school for my RN next May. I'm glad I'm a CNA, but I never worked so hard in my life.

Actually, as a person with a terminal illness, I find the people hereto be very caring and supportive. I was scolded on a so-called Christian message board that I was born with this illness because I don't pray enough.

As for calling names and the garbage you are spouting, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Would make a great name for a band.

A Christian 'Rock' Band! Oooooh, wait, perhaps not....


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I don't think anyone here ever specifically snarked on Lyndside for having cancer. Many people here sympathized with her to a certain extent. The snarking was on her begging for money for an adoption fund. SourWarhead makes comments about people on food stamps, but Lyndsie is not any better than people on food stamps, let's not forget that she received charity medical treatments from a teaching hospital and she also had fundraisers held for her benefit.. I can understand that there are many circumstances that strip people from having proper medical insurance and as I've said before I'm glad that Lyndsie did receive help when she needed it. I know some conservatives that would have torn someone like Lyndsie and her family to shreds for not having catastrophic insurance or other forms of medical insurance for non-student dependents. Everyone has their faults and we all make mistakes in which we need more help from others. Lyndsie is no saint and neither is anyone here. I have found many members here to be kind. Also there are other snark boards online like this so we aren't the only ones snarking on others. I have been on other snark sites and some of stuff here on FJ doesn't even compare to some the snark comments on other sites. Sour Warhead should look around online and he/she would find plenty of sites that make fun of Christians in very mean ways.

We use credit cards, too, although mostly just for big purchases. I'm not even one of those people who think debt is horrible - you only get to live life once, right? But I also think that the way credit card companies are allowed to market and advertise to college kids is absolutely scandalous. I know this is a worst case scenario, but I actually had three girls go through my line and charge $1200 of underwear, perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry to a brand new high-interest card issued by one of the companies that had been advertising on campus earlier that month. One of the girls actually mentioned in passing to another girl -- "It's like free money!" or something so comically stereotypical that I about died right on the spot.

Lyndsie is WORSE than people on food stamps. People on food stamps need assistance to feed themselves and their children in order to SURVIVE. Lyndsie needed money for a baby and, as much as having a child may be a great longing and wish, it's not necessary for survival.

You won't regret it when you get your RN -- the CNA experience really helps you find a job, either at the place you work now or as prior experience for a job elsewhere. The hospital that's affiliated with my nursing school had 65 new grad RN jobs and something like 55 of those went to internal applicants ie. floor aids.

I agree it is great to long and wish for a child when you can't have one, but when you ask others for financial assistance without doing anything to help the situation it looks bad. If Lyndsie had even worked part time I don't think people here would have been annoyed with her that much.

It's weird, because I couldn't even get a credit card until I was about a junior in college. I applied to dozens, including some that sent me offers in the mail, and found it hard to be approved. (Maybe I shot for too low of an interest rate?) My credit limit was just increased to $1200 after owning it for four years. (And I've paid all my bills on time. And I've had at least a part-time job the whole time.) My husband has only a $1500 credit limit after having a full-time job for four years and paying his bills on time.

I didn't get a debit card until last year, so I used to use checks everywhere but restaurants. I'm the only person I know who has memorized their driver's license ID number, because a lot of places want it written on the check.

I only sort of agree here. Lyndsie might well have felt a deep desperation for a child which was only made worse by her infertility.

However, there was MUCH she could have done to help herself. She could have got a job and provided Daniel made enough to provide for them, put her entire salary away for the adoption. She could have cut down her expenses; she used a ton of makeup and could easily have stopped wearing it and saved a fair bit of money. She is young and pretty and didn't need that amount of war paint.

She didn't do those things and that made her request for donations wrong imho.

Not to mention all the pictures she posted of their vacations. People who are saving money for an adoption don't go on vacations. When I was saving for my adoption, I didn't go on vacation for 3 years. I didn't go to the movie theater for three years. I worked three jobs. I didn't buy any new clothes (not even at Goodwill). I drove an 11 year old car with 170,000 miles on it. I didn't buy make-up. I didn't go out to eat. I worked and I slept. That's what Lyndsie and Daniel should have been doing.

Can someone explain to the Canadian what WIC stands for? All those programs you have confuse me. We have social assistance; I believe that's it. If you don't have enough to eat, there are food banks, churches, and homeless shelters that will feed you for free. I think in my city there are two food banks, and you can go every two months to each of them (so you can stagger it and get food every month).

As for social assistance, you get more if you have kids, but when I was on it (with my horrid ex-boyfriend who took all my money), I think you only got around $400 per couple. Not even enough for rent, let alone food. This would have been about 13-14 years ago. I don't think the amount has changed much, although I'm not sure.

WIC is "women, infants, and children" public assistance in the US. It provides dairy products and peanut butter and other protein sources for moms that can't otherwise afford it. I don't know the stipulations/guildelines since I have never needed it, but I have friends who benefitted from it some 20 years ago in order to give their children the nutrition they needed to build healthy bodies.

It's not welfare, it's nutrition. That's what I've always thought about it. Maybe someone else here can further elaborate.

Thanks, WonderinginWA. Maybe we do have something sort of similar--there's some program (forget the name) that allows pregnant women to get milk for free. I'm not sure if it extends to after the baby is born, or not.

And WIC eligibility requirements are stringent. One of my church friends, a SAHM with two small kids (one with autism) and a husband who was jobless till recently, survived an ugly bout of breast cancer a couple of years ago. When her younger child turned 5, she was dropped from WIC, and it was a financial blow to her family.

OT: A couple of the biggest anti-welfare Tea Partiers I know are known to have been beneficiaries of WIC and other welfare programs back in the '70s, when the economy sucked about as much as it does now. But don't get me started.

That is hardcore. I've given up a lot to save for a house, but I can't bring myself to go as far as you did. Life is hard enough without any little treats to get you through it.

At the very least, Lyndsie should have been forthright about WHY she needed other people's money. There had to have been some way for her to earn at least some of it. IMO, you cannot ask other people to give you money without a compelling reason why you can't earn it yourself.

I don't think Lyndsie would have ever had the guts to do anything like that. I think she knew deep down that she had no compelling reason for not working and she dodged around the subject at times on her blog. There was one time that she replied to comment on one of her postings in which someone asked why she didn't work and she said the reason was private. Another time she did one of those Q&A posts and she said that once she married Daniel she no longer desired a career and that Daniel made enough money so she wouldn't have to work. I think a good majority of the people who donated to L&D, were probably at least fundie lite. They probably agreed with her staying at home. I also got the feeling that L&D likely don't have any friends, relatives or connections outside the fundie lite circles. I don't think anyone in their real lives would have laid into them about Lyndsie not working but yet having a donation fund for the adoption.

I love how Lyndsie couldn't work, but always had the time to go shopping, out to lunch, redecorating, etc. It's like she wanted a baby but refused to meet people halfway with effort.

Which is weird if you think about it. I know it differs from state to state and things seem to be getting better -- but the WIC staples in my area are milk or formula, juice, cheese, cereal (healthier cereals like corn flakes), and dried beans which no one gets. I think women who are breast feeding can also get canned fish and/or eggs. And it's always what is the lowest cost, except for the formula. Some places have introduced fresh fruits and veggies, which I think was mentioned by at least one poster. But you don't really think of 4 gallons of milk, a block of cheap American cheese, concentrated juice, and a box of store brand Corn Flakes as being incredibly nutritional. It seemed like a lot of customers that I saw often didn't get the cheese or the cereal -- only using it for milk and juice.

The concept of "meeting people halfway" probably isn't in Lyndsie's mindset. I think her entitled attitude made her think that since she is a Christian and she survived cancer it was fine for her to stay home and not work due to religious reasons. Also I don't think Lyndsie has never been in the situation in which she has had to take care of herself. When she first got cancer, she likely lived at home and the same situation was probably going on during the second cancer bout. Lyndsie did work at a salon in the past, but even when she was doing that I wouldn't be surprised if she still received forms of support from her parents. Lyndsie has pretty much lucked out with this adoption and other things in her life. She didn't have any medical debts because of her indignant status during the cancer bouts. There are a lot of 24-year-olds who have much more experiences with finances than Lyndsie does. At time when she and Daniel were planning their wedding they didn't have a lot of money. A bridal shop donated a dress to Lyndsie because they knew about the cancer bout from the year before. I know a few engaged couples that are around Lyndsie and Daniel's ages and they aren't getting married until they have a good amount of money saved for a wedding. I have a feeling L&D; do a lot of things on a whim with no long term planning.

There were a few times Lyndsie blogged about only buying clothes at Target, TJ Maxx and thrift stores. I think that was probably her best attempt to show her blogging audience that her and Daniel were trying to save for the adoption.

I don't think the wedding was so much a whim as in their circle they were of an age to get married. Her blog is full of pregnancy announcements (and frequently second or third children) from her friends. I doubt she has many friends who aren't married. I think Lyndsie is extremely entitled and lazy. She wasn't going to get off her ass and work when others would pity her and give money. I wonder if they hadn't been able to get money together at what point she would have gotten a job or started cutting back on their expenses. Even without needing to adopt my husband and I cut back our expenses while I was pregnant so we could save money to have a just incase fund.

It's hard when you come from this lifestyle to be the only one without a wedding band and then (shorty after!) a baby, hence why she was naturally so eager to be a mom. I sometimes wonder how many people from this background really *love* kids and aren't just going with the flow of "I'm married, better fill the quiver." I do give Lynds props for always cheering on her friends with their pregnancies. I can only imagine how she felt inside.

One of the things I personally don't understand is how L&D and the friends in her pictures can afford all those nice things. The husbands barely look out of college and the wives if they don't work, how do they afford those gorgeous homes? I haven't seen L&D post any photos that show anything that looks less than upper-middle class. My husband and I were in no position to buy a home right after our wedding (and both of us were working full-time). My opinion about Lynds not working is that she comes from the SAHM background and probably wasn't planning to have a job after becoming a Mrs, regardless of her desire to adopt. If you are truly a Titus 2 and believe a woman's work should not be outside the home, she wouldn't see a reason to work. She was doing her job being a wife and caring for D. Prayer would take care of the details. Oh well. I actually enjoyed reading her blog and I'm sad she's closed up.

I sympathized a lot with Lyndsie because I think she might have felt out of place having friends who are having kids while she couldn't have any. I agree with Febrin, she probably doesn't have many friends that are single women.

Lyndsie once stated on her blog that she wanted to go to cosmetology school and work as a beautician. She did work at salon at one point. I think eventually her SAHM background and her religious beliefs might have changed her desires about having a career.

I also couldn't understand how L&D and some of their friends and relatives were able to afford nice houses and things. With L&D, I think they were living above their means for awhile. They were buying expensive things and going on trips months before they started their adoption fund. I think they only started cutting back when people started questioning them on the blog. I do believe that they did cut back on certain things but overall I think Lyndsie should have worked part time and then once they got a baby she could have quit.

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Not sure if any of you read Ben & Katie's blog but I wonder if Katie's first paragraph refers to Lyndsie:http://katieandbenupdates.blogspotDOTcom/

FTR -- Ben and Katie's story is very moving and I really enjoy her updates...

I would say so, yes.

I'm confused. Are they trying to adopt as well?

I want to know how they afforded their home bc that looks like a home you buy a few years after being married in terms if expenses so one would like to know hpw they did it with daniel being the main provider.

If it is Lyndsie (and I think it is ... good find!), it is sad that she and Daniel went through five failed adoptions. I can't say I am shocked (just because that tends to be the nature of private adoptions), but it's still sad. I also thought it was interesting how she mentioned that Ethan's adoption story was not at all what she had pictured -- I wonder if she had initially only wanted a newborn. She seems to be loving her new baby/motherhood, so even my cold heart is happy for her.

I agree -- It surprised me that they had tried 5 other times and also curious to know what it means that it "wasn't as pictured." Because it's a boy? Because the boy is older? Because maybe he is special needs? Maybe that her camera died when they picked him up and she was unable to get a toothy car shot? Who knows...

LMM: No, Ben and Katie aren't trying to adopt -- they were in a major car accident over a year ago (they hadn't been married long) and the blog was started to update friends and family about their condition. Ben has a severe head injury. I think she must be bloggy friends with Lyndsie?

I think Lyndsie was always hoping to adopt a newborn. There were tons of things on her blog that pointed to it. I remember in a few of those guest adoption blog posts she did, a few of the couples were people who adopted newborns . I think Lyndsie also preferred to adopt a girl, but she was probably ok with adopting a boy.

I looked through Ben and Katie's blog and I feel for that couple. They seem Christian and conservative, I think they might have stumbled onto Lyndsie's blog.

I think they expected to go through a pregnancy, see the ultrasounds, be there for the birth etc. I'm sure they're quite satisfied even though it wasnt "perfect". I feel awful for Ben and Katie. I wonder what happened to the driver, no mention of that on the blog.

Sorry, I didn't see this for a while. We recently got back from vacation, and had some 'issues' while we were out of the country--my house/dog sitter ended up with appendicitis and we had to coordinate puppy care via e-mail from a foreign country! It all turned out fine, original sitter recovered nicely and the critters survived, but it took us about 10 days to catch up on mail, e-mail, work, and housecleaning. Anyway, I am and RN, I know there are a bunch of nurse on teh board--and I love it! I also could NOT do it without the support of the CNA's I work with day in and day out. They truly our the backbone of a long term care facility. I never worked as a CNA, and it made starting as a new nurse very challenging. Thankfully again, I had great CNA's to help me with the basics.

CNAs bust there butts day in and day out, and it can be thankless--nurses nagging you, patients and their families giving very little respect (not all, but some and it'll make you grateful for those that DO thank you), but knowing those basics with patients makes the transition to nurse easier--something I wish I would have had. The pay varies in different areas...as does patient caregiver ratios. If you have more questions, you can PM me if you'd like.

The market in my neck of the woods isn't great for new nurses, and I was lucky. I make a decent living, can support myself and my husband while he finishes his psyD. Could our finances be better with a 2 income house and/or less vacations? Yup, but you only live once, and we intend on enjoying our time together. My parents always thought they'd have time "later", and my mom died when she was 54.

Hijack over--sorry!

brashchick, good luck with your LPN boards! I worked as an LPN while I finished my RN, and was very glad I did because there were tons of layoffs in my area and new grad RNs were a dime a dozen a few years back. A lot of my classmates took at least 6 months to find a job, while I was able to just step into the role.

I'm sure there are, but people are usually pretty discrete about stuff like that. It's easy to talk about it on a message board, but IRL...the stigma is pretty bad.. I'm in management, and we have to cut our hours when census is low too. I'm actually going back to the floor because a year in management is aging me fast. I'm going to a hospital too--better pay and virtually no commute!

I also wonder how these people can afford such nice things when their jobs and education doesn't seem that different from many people I know. I wonder if it's just the fact that they were born to middle-class baby boomers and are therefore just used to buying those sorts of things without thinking about it too much, and maybe they have parents who helped them get started (bigger monetary gifts during their wedding, etc), or no debt from college.

I mean even when I have had enough money I never even knew what the preppy name brands were or furnished my apartment exclusively from Pottery Barn (I buy most stuff on clearance, even now, with occasional splurges here and there. Savings are more important to me.).

I think a lot of times your lifestyle reflects the circles you move in, but not necessarily your income. That's why you see people living so differently on similar salaries. I've known people who make similar money but some live in old bungalows, drive used cars, and shop for clothes at mass retailers and while the others live the "yuppie" lifestyle, eating out, driving newer cars, buying $200 jeans, etc. I'm guessing the latter group is using up most of their money, though, and is probably more in debt.

I think maybe Daniel's parents might have money. Lyndsie posted that he bought the land that their house sits on back in 2007. He would have been 22 at the time and I think maybe someone(parents) helped him out there. Daniel went to a state college and maybe he had his tuition financed through scholarships or parental contributions. Overall I have wondered quite a bit about how L&D and their circles of friends could afford various things. Lyndsie posted about shopping at TJ Maxx, Target and thrift stores. They could have been their Ralph Lauren clothing stash from TJ Maxx. I still wonder about the other expensive things they had.

I agree with you. My cousins are around my age and while some of them probably make more then my husband and I it's all name brand clothes, fancy cars and homes in nice areas. While we live in a not so great neighborhood, buy clothes at good will or on huge sales and bought a used car from a friend (got a really great deal on it). Of course we did splurge by having a baby but even with daycare we can live comfortably just not extravagently.

I think it also reflects your values though. My parents have ALWAYS lived in excellent school districts (which means now, they own at $1.8mil home since it is in the best public school district in the state, but they have "traded up" in real estate by moving every few years and purchasing homes that have appreciated, even in the recession). They drive older cars - a '94 Camry and a used '02 BMW convertible they got for $7k and take one "major" vacation per year (always a family reunion, rarely in an "expensive" destination). Because of where they live and the circles they run in, a lot of people have very very VERY nice toys - but that isn't where my parents have chosen to apply their dollars. Instead, they have funded 2 private college educations in their entirety (so about $400k) and my youngest sister, who has learning disabilities, through a $25K/yr private school 6-12 and likely another private college education on top of that, since my sister would likely get lost and struggle in a larger school. We "run" in nice circles, but frankly, no one has ever pointed out that my mom's Brooks Brothers sweaters come from the outlet store on super clearance, or that they chose not to give their kids spending money in college or buy a really nice TV. Some "nice" things you buy can be investments, others are purely for pleasure.

Obviously, most people choose to spend their money a mixture of both, but I don't necessarily think you are "shut out" from particular circles where you are making similar incomes (if you have money, it becomes clear pretty readily in most cases), more that you are making choices based on your own priorities.

I think that the former statement is more accurate.

Case in point, the burb we live in has a decent enough (for memphis) median income and there is primarily just one wage earner. We a lot more than the median income here (a lot) but are hard core live beneath our means people. But I still find that the parents of my son's friends drop money on things I balk at (and I am cheap don't get me wrong...but it is more of a case of being unwilling to spend money on expensive things when there is a suitable alternative) but then seem amazed that we are able to go on very nice vacations. (Which for the record is a million times more important to me than the percieved "goodness" of the school district)

People in the US by and large tend to be keep up with joneses...not hard core savers.

When I searched for some in my area, most of them were feel good/charismatic. The definitively fundie ones were either further out in another state, or well hidden.

Please continue this thread on the new forum: http://freejinger.org/vie....php?f=8&t;=26&p;=339#p339

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Oh I love Lyndsie's blog! Found it from a link from twop duggars forum. I think she is adorable.

And she seems so sweet.

So happy she adopted a little boy-I do think she will be a great Mum.

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I was watching 'the view on tv during my lunch break and they showed amazing houses from around the states (mainly southern) from $300,000-500,000.

My one bedroom in Sydney cost US$400,000. Just saying those of us who live in cities might not understand how cheap some houses can be outside the cities, so they might not be as 'rich' as some people think.

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I was watching 'the view on tv during my lunch break and they showed amazing houses from around the states (mainly southern) from $300,000-500,000.

My one bedroom in Sydney cost US$400,000. Just saying those of us who live in cities might not understand how cheap some houses can be outside the cities, so they might not be as 'rich' as some people think.

My husband and I could sell our house here in Calgary and buy a really nice one free and clear on Algiers Island in New Orleans...which is right by the French Quarter! Of course, then we'd have to worry about hurricanes...

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I was watching 'the view on tv during my lunch break and they showed amazing houses from around the states (mainly southern) from $300,000-500,000.

My one bedroom in Sydney cost US$400,000. Just saying those of us who live in cities might not understand how cheap some houses can be outside the cities, so they might not be as 'rich' as some people think.

300-500K is still a lot of money for most Americans. Heck, the average yearly household income is 50K/yr.

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Well it's about $55-60,000 here and cost of living is higher. I lived in America for a year as a college student-such fun! But love Australia more :D

Still though, I, on my RN salary of 70,000 managed to get a mortgage at 25 for my place (with a good deposit from working as a live-in nanny in London for 2 years and as an RN for 2 years in Oz) so it can be done.

But if I suddenly had to pay $30,000 for an adoption-I'd be fuc*ed and need to fundraise too.

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