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Nancy Pearcy lives at Rivendell the Calvinist Y2K retreat???


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Does anyone remember the strange community in Floyd County, Virginia named Rivendell where these paranoid Reformed Christians went to live just before Y2K where they could survive with their generators, storage food, and guns to shoot heathens who wanted food? I'm not entirely sure, but I think that Phillip Lancaster lived there at one time, the guy who wrote that truly horrible "Family Man, Family Leader" book that VF published.


Here is the entry on Wikipedia from Floyd County, Virginia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floyd_County,_Virginia


The county became a destination for those involved in the counterculture during the 1960s and 1970s, particularly those who wanted to live in closer contact with nature.[6] In the late 1990s, the Rivendell community was established by a group of Christians so they could practice a lifestyle consistent with their Reformed Churches' interpretations of the Bible and also, in part, to be better isolated from possible societal disruptions caused by the Y2K computer problem. Most of the original members of this community have moved on, though a solid church remains.



It was like the Y2K Jonestown for fringe Calvinists.


Now, Nancy Pearcy was a student of Francis Schaeffer, Franky's dad (Franky, the author of "Crazy for God"). Nancy has published some books, and the presuppositional apologists (the Calvinist dominionist Christian Reconstructionist mastermind debaters) today mostly all love Nancy's books. I have a copy of Total Truth, but I only half like two chapters in it. Anyway, everyone in this bunch thinks she's pretty peachy keen, the person who picked up where Francis Schaeffer left off in his cause.


A friend of mine just sent me this from FB, written by Nancy Pearcy's husband. (Frankly, I think what Francis had going at his educational facility, L'bri, was a bit cultic, too, but, that's another story.)


It looks like they took up residence at survive Y2K land, Rivendell. Gag!



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I researched this further. There is a "Rivendell Community" which still sounds funky to me in MN, so this is not the Floyd Co. VA place...

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Found myself drawn to look for "Whatever happened to Rivendell?" today. We knew a West Coast family that sold everything and moved across the country to join the Rivendell community way back then. We lost touch, and I hadn't thought of them in years, until recently we started to hear rumors that a new community (not related to Rivendell) is in the planning stages and is supposed to be located in Kentucky. (To give a flavor of the "like-minded" people moving there, they include anti-vaxxer gun-rights fanatics.) It's only a rumor; I don't have any specifics at this time, but if I hear more, I'll try to post something.

Meanwhile, in my search for "Rivendell", I ran across this article, which I thought might be of interest. I don't know anything about the organization that published it, but the info about Rivendell matches what I remember hearing way back when.


ETA: I am an idiot. "ADL" stands for Anti-Defamation League.

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