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Livestream of video game films Sydney man allegedly hitting partner


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A fucking loser in Australia was upset that he was being called away from his video game so he took it out on his partner.   Caution: There's a video at the link that shows the episode.


A man from Sydney's south-west, who inadvertently filmed himself while allegedly hitting his partner during a livestream of a violent video game, has been charged after watchers of the feed called police.

The 26-year-old man, from Oran Park, was using Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch to broadcast himself playing Fortnite about 8.30pm on Sunday when a video, obtained by the Herald, shows him yelling at his partner, then records him allegedly hitting her.

NSW Police arrested the man at 11.30pm on Sunday and took him to Narellan police station, where he was charged with common assault.

Police have also served an apprehended violence order on the man. He will appear in Camden Local Court on Thursday.

I hope this fuckstick gets the fucking book thrown at him.

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I've been watching this go down, mostly because I've been ill the past couple of days and I suddenly had a bunch of free time on my hands. Holy. crap. First, this was so incredibly awful to listen to. Second, I am shocked at the number of people who think that him punching his pregnant girlfriend in front of two tiny children was in some way justified because she threw a piece of cardboard and he told her to leave him alone. There's even a page for male domestic violence survivors that is showing photographs of him with red marks on him and trying to make it sound as though she's a perpetrator as well. 

What a complete cluster fuck. I truly hope those little girls are safe. 



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