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Right to Life extremist nailed for defrauding Federal government


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And people wonder why I have no use for the reich to life fucks these days.....


As one of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion activists, Jeff White has been arrested more times than he can count. But what may land the 60-year-old in prison isn’t a protest, but a secret multi-year scheme to defraud the federal government.

White, a conservative Christian, is the founder of a militant nonprofit called Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. He is known for endorsing “irregular military tactics” against abortion providers and encouraging students to chalk slogans like “Your neighbor is a monster" near providers’ homes.

Last week, in what prosecutors said was the first nationwide case of Obamacare fraud, he pleaded guilty to swindling the government out of $27 million. Court documents show White enrolled drug addicts in Affordable Health Care Act plans for which they did not qualify, scoring rehabilitation centers millions of dollars from insurance companies and getting thousands in kickbacks on the side.

The father of 11 now faces more than five years in prison, according to his plea agreement, but shows no signs of slowing down on the anti-abortion front. In a blog post written just three days after his guilty plea, White urged his followers to donate to a new initiative he dubbed “Fetal Uprising.”


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Ripped off taxpayers to the tune of 27 million and he gets a plea deal for 5 years? WTAF???  I'm guessing reimbursement is part of the deal, or it better be.

Just another con man. 

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