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Archbishop Vigano trying to get Francis to resign.


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This guy again.


A former Vatican ambassador to the United States alleges in a 7,000 word letter that top Catholic Church officials, including Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, were long aware of sexual misconduct allegations against former D.C. archbishop Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Last month, McCarrick resigned amid claims he sexually abused seminarians.

The scathing 11-page letter written by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a conservative critic of Pope Francis who was removed from his position in 2016, came out as Pope Francis was visiting Ireland.

Francis was in Ireland apologizing for abuses by the Catholic Church, including clergy sex abuse and forced adoption of children born to unwed mothers.

This is the same Vigano who pulled that Kim Davis stunt on the Pope when said Pope visited Washington a couple years back. 

So anything Vigano says I take with several tons of salt.

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Ignoring this mans bias and crazy. I think sadly, to find some one in the Catholic church with completely clean hands in regards to the actual abuse and cover up, you would have to skip by everyone at the top and go to the smallest parish priests or Nuns to find some one who didnt at the bare minimum turn a blind eye to the situation. The scandal is so far past a simple resignation and finding a new Pope, way too many people have dirty hands on this one :(

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