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  1. Vatican report on JP II shows how much he enabled McCarrick. I had my way it would go to 20 years for non clergy and those clergy actually martyred for their faith and 100 years for clergy who weren’t martyred. Requiring that for clergy would take the heat out and allow for a new generation to dispassionately evaluate the candidate.
  2. Ugh If I was the Bishop this priest would be clarifying his remarks on his way to his next assignment somewhere above the North Pole.
  3. Ugh This is why I left the Roman church in a goddamn nutshell and why I will never return. I've got a suggestion about what this priest should go do but it's not anatomically possible.
  4. Just saw this very interesting article about the ride of fundie Catholics, led by Lord High Ray These fundie Catholics have done more to create ex-Catholics than all the other religious faiths combined.
  5. Another priest who went to the Benny XVI school of theology I have a suggestion about what this fucker should go do but it's not very Christ like so I'll leave it to his imagination.
  6. Francis had to tell the Vigano / Burke wannabes holding Ambassadorships to knock it off.
  7. After years of silence Ratzinger wrote the stupidest and most insulting thing he could ever come up with. I am so furious that if I weren't venting here, I'd be throwing things. This is how he starts off Got it people? Sex ed made priests into pedophilic criminals! But it gets better He saw NAKED PEOPLE! That's terrible! And seeing sexy things make you violent! He basically blames everyone from "the homosexuals", "the secular society" and "conciliarity" but the Church itself and doesn't spend a word on self reflection on himself or the church's structural problems. It's all someone else's fault. It comes to nobody's surprise that he is very conservative, but once upon a time I thought he was a clever man and a sound philosopher. This text though is so badly patched together, so superficially written, the reasoning is so stupid that either I was wrong or his brain has fried and his aides should have stopped him embarrassing himself like this. ETA I forgot the link. Sorry.
  8. Some bad news out of Paris I see orange idiot had to chime in.
  9. So far it involves 38 clergy Hiring a hit man? How Christ like was that Fiala? Who would Jesus have clipped? This is why I don't have much use for the moralizing the church does on a regular basis.
  10. I hope this is the right forum... Long story short, I am seriously considering becoming Catholic. I have some personal history with the church (baptized Catholic as an infant, but never received the rest of the initiation sacraments; attended Catholic school for a few years; attended Mass occasionally with Catholic relatives), but never felt a strong pull toward it until the past year or so. I’ve discussed the issue with a couple priests, and found I have a significant roadblock, in that DH has a prior marriage that would have to be annulled, so ours could be convalidated in the RCC, in spite of the fact that he has no interest in becoming Catholic. He is refusing to get the annulment. I have gotten him to agree to revisit the issue in a year if I still feel strongly about this. I have a feeling he hopes I’ll just forget about this and drop it, but he claims to be serious. I guess my big question is, how do I get him to change his mind about the annulment? Is there anything I can even do, besides go to Mass and pray? The priest at our local parish was very surprised that DH doesn’t see the value in letting me join the church I want to, I’m just like, well, you don’t know my husband, he just doesn’t do things he doesn’t want to do. Another problem I have is, I really struggle to put into words for my husband just how I feel and how much joining would mean to me. To him, this is completely out of left field (because I never talked about it until now). We had a baby three months ago, and he thinks this wanting to be Catholic is due to some postpartum issues I’ve had. I would want to raise our daughter Catholic, which he doesn’t want. He also doesn’t understand why I would want to join a church that has put up this barrier for me joining. How can I get him to understand? Another issue I have, and one that has prevented me from seriously considering joining before, is birth control. For those of you who are Catholic, how do you deal with it? I’m not necessarily opposed to NFP, but DH is. Lastly, for those of you who went through RCIA, or are close to someone who did, what was it like for you/them? Thanks for reading/responding.
  11. Ugh Now the diocese is doing the right thing because it's being called to account
  12. Something good happened in Rome; Hopefully all the neocon enablers of Romero's murderers in this country are experiencing some grade a level butthurt over this.
  13. The Pope accepted the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl today Francis is way tone deaf on all of this.
  14. Yeah that figures And the school is probably hoping Rapey Brett will make it all nice and legal too.
  15. Cardinal Ouellet delivered a big ol' fornicate you to Vigano Here's the Vatican news site with the full text of the letter. Heading out for the limb once again, but I wonder how many of the people who backed Vigano in his attacks on the Pope also say that what Kavadouche did was no big deal?
  16. Some Chicago area Catholics must really be pining for the good ol days when the church could burn books and people it didn't like with impunity. Unless the church removes him from the priesthood they are complicit as far as I am concerned.
  17. An enquiry commissioned by the German Bishops and comducted by Universities of Giessen, Heidelberg and Mannheim finds more than 3600 minors were abused by clergy since 1947. And more than half of them were younger than 13yo when abused. Enquiry also says that real numbers are probably much higher. http://time.com/5394761/germany-catholic-church-sex-abuse-cases/
  18. Anyone else read the article recently released by Buzzfeed News? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/christinekenneally/orphanage-death-catholic-abuse-nuns-st-josephs?bftwnews&utm_term=4ldqpgc#4ldqpgc It's brutal. In the focus on sexual abuse by priests, a lot of the other types of abuse perpetrated and covered up by the Church are being swept aside.
  19. The latest on the church abuse scandals in Pennsylvania Here's a link to the report.
  20. This guy again. This is the same Vigano who pulled that Kim Davis stunt on the Pope when said Pope visited Washington a couple years back. So anything Vigano says I take with several tons of salt.
  21. Francis has decided that the church should oppose capital punishment in all cases Of course the reich to life folks in this country will be lining right up to support his new call to abolish capital punishment and doing away with the death penalty tomorrow. (Yeah, sarcasm). I'm generally opposed to it myself, but I think there are a few cases where I think it is an appropriate sanction, and if I had my way the only people eligible would be government employees guilty of treason, electoral fraud, or voter suppression - and it would include elected officials and members of the military.
  22. According to one Catholic priest even mourning while black is an intolerable offense This pisses me off. That priest needs to never be allowed to lead religious worship again of any kind.
  23. Archbishop Oscar Romero, who had been murdered by right wing death squads is going to be named a Saint. One thing Francis and the Catholic Church has done right. Hopefully there will be plenty of butt hurt from the Trump wing of the Catholic church over this as well as the members of the reich here in the US that supported the death squads. I've got my popcorn ready.
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