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What would you have thought of Free Jinger?



Hi, thanks for being here! @Curious mentioned in the bio about you that she provided that you experienced a "crisis of faith" as a teenager. I don't know if you have spent much time reading this forum, but from what you know about it, what would you have thought of it (and perhaps similar communities critical of fundamentalism) during that period in your life? 

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I have looked around some, and I think a forum like this could have been useful for me. I can say for sure that when you are raised fundamentalist, you don't have a lot of "safe spaces" for questioning your faith. If you have doubts, you should be worried that maybe you're being influenced by demons. So I think it can be a big and important thing for teens in situations like that to be exposed to alternative views and to people who have left the faith, and not only that, but to be able to interact with them anonymously. I believe strongly in sharing stories and building community for ex-fundamentalists. And I think sometimes critical spaces, and spaces for free inquiry, can really help people wrestling with questions who live in an environment that is not very tolerant of questions and doubts.

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