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The most awesomly designed web site you'll ever see


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A friend just told me about this web site


I was like what the fuck am I look at and I think my head just exploded.

Yeah, that was an actual web site.



Yvette’s Bridal Formal is a bridal shop in Panama City with possibly the most illegible and mind-boggling website that has ever been made.

Also, there are MIDI songs on every page, so you really should wear headphones for this.

If you go out to archive.org you can look up yvettesbridalformal dot com and go back to 2011 and you'll see the page there.  I'm not linking to it because I think if you're a PC user it will try to download music to your computer.  I'm not seeing it though on my MacBook.

The site itself no longer exists. 


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