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wooden clocks my second one.


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 I have gotten into making wooden clocks. they work for me because my hands are not precise and the kits don't ned  a delicate touch. not too much finish work and not a lot of tools so I can do it at my desk.

  the only two bad parts is the cost of the kits and what do I do with a bunch of clocks? 

the first one is a battery powered clock well it is run by a electro magnet. it is powered by the pendulum not by weight. it seems pretty accurate it is a slow process with a wooden clock to get the time adjusted and the environment  can effect it too. 
  these kits have all the wooden parts machines you have to trim and sand them and cut the shafts and polish them and glue the parts together. 
 I go slow and it takes a week to build so it gets kind of expensive to make these. I can buy the plans and cut all the parts and I am working on one now but it is  hassle to get al the parts tougher and might take the fun out of it. 
I have learned a lot about how clots work. the second clock is more typical and its drive train had to aha every piece polished and smooth and it had to spin really freely. it needed to run freely and come to a slow stop with a spin to work well. the bottom gear that drives the clock the weight s attached too has almost 4 pounds hanging from it. but by the time you get to the top gear that controls the clock the pressure is minute. it is so low you can run the clock by blowing on it. there is just enough pressure to push the pendulum and keep it running. the pendulum uses two screws as the pivot to keep the friction down as low as possible. 





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the problem it is self limiting there is room for only so many clocks. my wife is blind so they have to be where she won't hit them. so that limits it plus there are some that are noisy that tick loudly and she doesn't to want that getting in the way of her music. 

I found one kit company in the us but the quality was not as good the instructions were lacking and the clot was a pain to wind and it needed would every day. 


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this guy I built with just the plans and here is the pic of a floor standing one the base of it. looks like a miniature stripper pole. 

I redid the frame and face of the big clock after the video


IMG_1254 2.JPG


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here is the rest of the clock base I posted. the electromagnet was bad and it took a month to get the replacement from Germany. 

this is such a graceful clock. but it balances on two pins in small divots so it just takes a little bump to knock it off. 


this one was next it is a very cool clock with the huge gears. it was a bear to get running right. but I found a little problem the grasshopper movement at top the little levers are such a delicate adjustment that if the wall gets bumped or the floor bounces they jump out fate teeth of the gear then it unwinds at high speed and things go flying. so maybe this one needs to find a new home.



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