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Same Sex Marriage In NC


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http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/12/n- ... on-ballot/

I apologize if this is not the correct forum. Considering that it is mainly religious people who support this amendment to the NC constitution, I thought this might be a better subject for Quiver Full of Snark but the moderators can move this thread if they like.

NC is the only south eastern state not to have a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. In May the voters get to decide if they want to add an amendment banning gay marriage. The Republicans are pushing for this change to the NC constitution.

http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapito ... /10111181/

Senate leaders will start their debate on the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex unions Monday afternoon. But they didn’t want anyone to know about it.

According to the public notices released today, the Senate Judiciary 1 committee will be meeting Monday on H61, “Speaker/Pro Tem Term Limits†- a proposal to limit the numbers of years House and Senate members can serve as leaders of their chambers.

But a new version of the bill leaked to WRAL Friday night shows the bill the committee will take up Monday has absolutely nothing to do with term limits. The new H61 is an amended version of the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

You can try to look it up at the legislature’s website, but you won’t find it there.

I hope that anyone from NC votes against this amendment in May 2012. The more press this gets, the more likely the Republicans are to fail. What I would like to happen is for the Democrates to put same sex marriage on the ballot in a positive way. If we can vote to change our constitution, why can't we vote to allow same sex marriage?

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What a clusterfuck of LIES. The legislature has been telling us that it's anyhthing *but* gay marriage they'll be discussing. fuck them all. Fucking lazy ass teabaggers who don't give a flying fuck about this country, they just want to force their religion on everyone else. FUCK. THEM. They make me ashamed to be from the same state.

First it's term limits, another article I've found said they'll be discussing water systems or some shit. Oh yeah, you're really the voice of the people. USELESS. FUCKING. TEABAGGERS.

The only thing they care about it what I do with my sexual parts, and what my gay friends do with theirs. I'm so glad to know that my vote back in November was FUCKING WASTED. God I hate the fucking state and all the dumbass rednecks who will gladly vote for policies that fuck them over just so THE EVIL FAGS CAN'T MARRY.

I thought it was just my epically shitty county. THANK YOU FOR PROVING ME WRONG, NC STATE SENATE. THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH.

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I think that NC is sloo...owly moving to the left and that scares the hell out of a lot of people. The best way to defeat this is to vote against the amendment.

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The conservatives were able to get this on the 2004 ballot in Ohio, and in the process of the state going for GWB, it passed. Unfortunately. So it is part of our state constitution now.

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USA, NC, Raleigh: 09/13, Rally Against Gay Marriage Ban Bill, State Capitol, 12 PM.

I did not know about the above event so I can't attend(we only have one car) but I am including it for those in NC that can go.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recognitio ... h_Carolina

According to wikipedia(not a great source):

State legislators are trying to pass a Constitutional amendment that would prohibit the recognition of marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnerships for LGBT couples. If the election was held today, how would you vote for this amendment? Their Opinion

Would vote for it 30%

Would vote against it 55%

Not sure 15%

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http://www.news-record.com/content/2011 ... _amendment

Facebook co-founder urges N.C. to reject same-sex marriage amendment

— Chris Hughes, the co-founder of Facebook and a native of Hickory, doesn't like the state's proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

He has written to the N.C. General Assembly urging it to reject the amendment, which is at the top of lawmakers' agendas when they get into town today. Hughes and his fiance, political activist and philanthropist Sean Eldridge, pledge to donate $10 for each person who "likes" Equality NC's page on Facebook — up to $10,000 — by Tuesday.

The money will go to help Equality NC fight the marriage amendment, which he says "is bad for business, bad for the perception of my home state on the national stage, and a far cry from job-creating legislation that North Carolina lawmakers should be focused on."

Hughes' letter says he knows what it's like to grow up different in a small Southern town and that this legislation "will only perpetuate this stigma for a new generation of creative, talented youth, uninterested in second-class citizenship in a state they call home.

"The next Facebook or Apple or Google could be created by another North Carolinian," Hughes concludes. "Be mindful of how you treat them and their families."


The above site has information about the admendment.

What do we call it?

Call SB 106/HB 777 what they are: "the anti-LGBT amendment or "the anti-gay* amendment." It's not about "defending" anyone's marriage. It's an attack on LGBT North Carolinians.

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Finally, some sanity in this state.

Wikipedia said that most people in NC are against same sex marriage but apparently, they don't want to change the constitution either.

What are our key arguments against the amendment?

1.The anti-gay amendment causes real harm. It harms couples who will be denied even the most basic protections and it harms vulnerable LGBT young people by sending a terrible message that their state and their neighbors consider them second-class citizens unworthy of basic dignity and fair treatment, a message which exacerbates the epidemic of LGBT young people committing suicide.

2.The anti-gay amendment is bad for business. It intrudes on businesses' right to provide competitive benefits to their employees and it signals to major employers that our state is not welcoming of the diverse, creative workforce that is needed to compete in the global economy.

3.The anti-gay amendment is a distraction from the voters' priorities. The legislature was sent to Raleigh to tackle jobs, the economy, and the state budget, not to advance a divisive social agenda.

4.Marriage is already denied same-sex couples by state law. The amendment doesn't change marriage in any way. It simply attacks LGBT North Carolinians and puts their basic rights up for a vote.

5.Amending the constitution is an extreme act, not a conservative one. Constitutions are designed to protect rights and not to take them away. The rights of a minority should never be put to a majority vote.


I think that the second reason is the best for people who don't have an opinion on same sex marriage.

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My biggest concern is that conservative out-of-state groups will rake in big money to meddle and put out tons of propaganda to skew the election, just like they did in California.

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http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2011/09/07 ... -with-sex/

If this is true, those who oppose a same sex marriage amendment should get a copy of the video of this press conference and post it all across the internet.

Please read the entire article.

Supporters and opponents of a proposal to amend the North Carolina constitution to ban same-sex marriage held competing press conferences in Raleigh on Tuesday. The events took place in anticipation of a special session of the General Assembly that Republican leaders will convene next week in order to try and pass such an amendment

Speaker Pro Tem Dale Folwell, appeared with a troop of ultra-conservative ministers who proceeded to treat those in attendance (as well as those listening via the Internet) to a spirited lecture about Christianity, the Bible, and, perhaps most tellingly, sex

According to a Rev. Johnny Hunter, sexual acts between two people of the same gender are “immoral and unnatural.†Hunter explained that only heterosexual acts allow a marriage to be properly “consummated.†At one point, Hunter held up two locks (apparently as a symbol for two women) and banged them together to show that they were not designed for each other. He said the same would be the case for two keys – apparently in reference to two men.

Got that? According to a speaker promoted by one of the top officers in the North Carolina House of Representatives, marriage isn’t marriage unless it can be consummated through heterosexual intercourse.

It was unclear from these statements, just how far Rev. Hunter and Rep. Folwell would take this argument. Would they require, for instance, that such approved intercourse be only for purposes of procreation? Maybe. One of the reverends explained that if 20 male couples (or 20 female couples) were isolated, Gilligan-like, on a desert island for 100 years, they would eventually die off but that if men and women were present, they would produce lots of offspring!

Why the hell isn't a video of this all over the internet? Mockery does have an effect.

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