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Polled by the Tea Party!


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Not sure if this should go here or down below?

I had fun with them, though.

It was a regular poll (ie, they didn't ask for money) but they skewed the questions in a way that I could tell they were tea party.

Started out with asking me my age, gender, income, marital status, etc. Basic stuff.

Then they asked if I thought Obama was a good President, and I said yes.

They asked if I thought he was Liberal, Moderate or Conservative, I said Moderate.

They asked if I thought abortion should be legal for any reason throughout pregnancy for any reason, I said no.

Then...they asked me a bunch of politicians and if my opinions were positive or negative. The ones I remember are Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Ron Paul. (There were more, I just can't remember all of them) You can probably guess what I said about them.

I don't remember all of the questions, but here are a few.

Do I endorse banning all abortion after 20 weeks with the exception of rape, incest and life of mother. I had to say no (even though I am sort-of pro-banning abortion after 20 weeks) because it was too narrow with no exception for health of mother and fetal abnormality. I told her this.

Do I believe children should have the right to pray in school? I said no one was stopping them. I actually laughed. I didn't mean to be rude, but really? Do they think teachers are running around hitting kids who are praying or something? :lol:

Did I believe the Constitution was old and should be outlawed? HUH? Of course not.

A BUNCH of questions about cutting Medicare and social security to balance the budget, all of which I said no to.

A BUNCH of questions about raising taxes on hardworking rich people to balance the budget, all of which I said yes to. :D

Did I know that 45% of the population pays NO TAXES at ALL? Yes, they pay SALES taxes and PROPERTY taxes, but NO federal taxes? Do I think that is FAIR? Do I think they should have to pay a flat tax? I said, of course...No, they just can't afford it. (Yes, that was an answer)

I said gays absolutely should get married. All day long. :)

And yes, "people who entered this country illegally" should get a path to citizenship. :)

A few questions about "entitlements" which, of course, I like and think are awesome. Keep them all. Increase them.

A question about Obamacare. I said it didn't go far enough, but hey, better than nothing.

There were a few I couldn't answer because life isn't that simple. Like should they cut spending or raise taxes to balance the budget. Pick one. Or should the children of illegal aliens receive welfare? Well, were they born here and, therefore, US Citizens? There were more like that, but I can't remember them all. I did say, on some of them, that I couldn't answer it because it was more complicated than that.

Then she asked if I was a registered Democrat. I said, "Yeah, you guessed right." and she laughed. She asked how often I voted Democrat and I surprised her again by saying "90-100%" Yep.

I am in a very conservative district in Minnesota, dominated by Michele Bachmann, so I get dialed by Republican candidates and such. I always talk to them and am polite. Better me than the other half, as he gets testy. I am usually polite. I actually talked to Ms. Bachmann in a phone town hall-my liberal question passed the screener and everything. She gave an intelligent answer. Color me shocked.

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I wonder if they'll toss your answers right into the trash can since it doesn't fit their preconceived agenda ...... if you can't have fun with these people you'll lose your mind.

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Good for you for sticking that out! I never have the patience to deal with such people. I was once taking a poll that started out okay, then veered into a bunch of religion questions that were slanted to give them the responses they wanted. I said so and hung up. I usually suspect they'll ignore my answers anyway. Or they're just telemarketers trying to gather info to sell.

This question?

They asked if I thought abortion should be legal for any reason throughout pregnancy for any reason, I said no.

Arrrgggh. I want to send them tp Proper Polling 101.

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