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Arndts & Gun Control

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Well, no surprise here, but this just gets to me :angry-banghead:


James Arndt:


The Illinois House and Senate just voted to override Governor Quinn’s amendatory veto on House Bill 183 (a law allowing concealed carry of handguns), and Bill 183 is now law.


This is a big day for Illinois gun owners and gun rights advocates!



Seth Arndt:

That’s good! Even if you don’t want to carry a gun, it’s good to see that any law-abiding folks will have the option to do so.


And what about the "not so law abiding folks"?? Is it good to see that they'll have this same option too?


I must stop looking at their blog for awhile, the Daddy Arndt's links to anti-abortion articles is so annoying, and what's even more annoying is the man boys responses to their daddy's postings, like they have a clue? :roll:

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