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Srsly, halp! My haman-taschen are falling apart!


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And this is a new crust recipe that was so much nicer than my usual one.


1 cup cold butter

2 cups flour

3/4 cups icing sugar

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp salt

==> whiz in food processor until combined, then add:


1/4 to 1/3 cup milk

==> pulse until dough forms, chill, roll, make haman-taschen*, bake at 350 deg. 15 minutes.


They came out amazingly tasty, but shaped like little rounds of crust with a mound of poppy-seed filling, rather than nice and triangular. Some survived, which I promptly put in the kids' Mishloach Manot**.


This is how they were *supposed* to look like:



And this is how they came out:



I'm not an innocent maiden when it comes to baking and suspect I had to chill the cookies for another 30 minutes before baking. The dough was pliable and very easy to work with - maybe more flour/less milk?


* Triangular Purim cookies, made of shortcrust pastry filled with poppy-seed

** A plate/bag/box of goodies you exchange with your loved ones at Purim. Always includes some Haman-tashcen.

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Maybe chill them after you form them in to haman-tashcen and then bake? The pastry in your ones looked very light and flakey, like puff pastry, mmmm puff pastry. I bet they tasted yum.

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How long did you chill the dough ? I´d suggest to let it chill at least 1-2 hours, at best outside and not in the fridge. "Outside coldness" works often magic with doughs:D

I have a recipe for Hamantaschen, it´s made with margarine instead of butter and a egg. Maybe this helps?

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Thanks! It definitely seems I should have chilled it more. Also, I have a feeling I over-did the milk.

Oh well, I have until Saturday to try another round...

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Is it Purim already?


Also, is it possible to make this recipe without a food processor? Would a regular mixer work?

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Oh my, these Slate people take their hamantachen very seriously.

I overdid it with the milk, for sure. Still need a few drops of cold water to make everything stick together.

Seven Severn, that video was hilarious! (which city was it taken at?) I'm not sure about the mixer - you'll need to cut the butter/margarine into the flour, my bet would be on a hand-held pastry blender. Overmixing will affect the crumbliness.

The butter/margarine debate is an old one. Generally, margarine = better texture and well-behaved dough, butter = taste. I usually don't have margarine so use all-butter.

Oh well, I have three more days to make another batch.

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Oh my, these Slate people take their hamantachen very seriously.

That's part of her shtick: she writes a recipe column titled "You're Doing It Wrong," after all.

And if we're linking Purim videos, here's one I discovered this year:


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