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A place to talk about all your food and cooking desires. Post your recipes, tips and tricks or whatever you want as long as it applies to food/cooking in some way.
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  2. Maggie Mae

    Best Ever Homemade Fries!

    Correction: Step three requires baking soda to make the water alkaline.
  3. I made these last night and wanted to share. Of course, I didn't get a picture because I didn't decide to share until after they were gone. Step One: Infuse some oil (I like olive oil, but it has a lower smoke point than vegetable oil, so keep that in mind) with garlic, rosemary, and thyme. (Or whatever herbs you like. I think next time I do this I might try dill - we have a ton if it.) With the garlic, keep in mind that it burns, so you'll want to heat it and then remove from heat before you burn it. I use the jarred stuff, because I find that fresh garlic doesn't have enough pay off f
  4. We all have some foods that we might be embarrassed about, but the nostalgia and other factors overrule our general sensibilities around these things. Here are some of mine. Kraft (Dinner) Mac & Cheese, no milk, add mustard. I don't eat this very often (maybe once every 5 years or so) but when I do, I'm instantly satisfied and have good memories of eating this with my childhood best friend and her little sister. I don't know. I love mustard but I'm not a big mac & cheese person, and in theory they shouldn't go together. scrambled eggs with feta - brings me back to colle
  5. I am halfway through day 5 of eating clean, which for me (right now) is no added sugar/sweeteners, no overly processed foods, lots of produce (fruits raw and not juiced* and veg raw and cooked.) I've gone through some of my favorite recipes and found they were already clean (cream of asparagus soup for example) but am looking for suggestions of things that are yummy made with clean ingredients. My "coach" is my youngest who has been eating clean for a long time, but he doesn't like to cook so basically eats the same things every day and I would like to do this without giving up cooki
  6. I hated spaghetti for a while as a child. We had it fit one meal while camping. A bird stole a noodle from my plate. Everyone jokes that it looked like worms. I could not eat spaghetti for a few years. I was convinced that it had worms in it.
  7. Ugh, i hate Jello so much. And cool whip. Whipped cream does not make jello better, but it's still better than cool whip. There was aslo a jello pudding covered with cool whip. I don't understand my midwest family. I didn't understand it then and I don't understand their food choices now.
  8. Did anyone else grow up with that Weight Watchers dessert of jello mixed with cool whip? As a kid, I thought it was atrocious and my mom made it so often! Now as an adult, I actually kind of miss it. 😂
  9. School dinners were pretty interesting for us in the 90s/2000s. My primary school served us "cake and custard" which was a very soft, underbaked sponge cake covered in incredibly runny custard. There was also semolina which is just gross. High school wasn't much better once they "deskilled" the kitchen staff and we got microwaved meals instead of freshly cooked stuff. The worst one was the "curry" which tasted vaguely of washing up liquid and was incredibly runny. Supposedly this was a "healthier" meal than what we had before when the meals were cooked in the kitchen. We found out later t
  10. I grew up with most of the meals mentioned in the original post. Goulash, for us, was the same as spaghetti but served with macaroni instead of spaghetti. 🤷‍♀️ My brother’s favorite meal was “Hash Burgers.” Open a can of corned beef, mix it with a bit of horseradish and ketchup, I think. Spread that deliciousness on a hamburger bun. Then add ONE HALF of a Kraft American cheese slice. Wrap each sandwich in foil and bake. The best part was the crispy bun...and the melted cheese, of course. My mom called sloppy joes “scrambled hamburger,” and I still love salmon patties and tun
  11. Maggie Mae

    Beef Caldereta (Kaldereta)

    *** Careful to NOT burn the garlic *** The whole "don't burn the garlic thing is why I always do all of the chopping before starting. (I also clean as I go so I don't have a ton of dishes.) I can't believe I made a point to say "burn the garlic." Nooooo - do not burn the garlic. It will ruin everything.
  12. I hope this is OK. I don't know if we are supposed to keep all of our recipes to a mega thread or if we can post them individually. Okay. So Beef Caldereta is basically stew. It's a filipeno dish, but there's nothing too crazy about it**. **I know, picky eaters abound and there's a good portion of you who will NOPE right out when I say the word liver. Bear with me. First, you'll want to gather the ingredients and prep them. Get some potatos and cube them. If you use canned potatoes, don't add them until the end, with the bell pepper. Two large carrots - cubed. These sho
  13. I make this all the time! Except I add green peppers, oregano and basil, and celery seed. My mother always added cumin, but I don't. I make it with more meat than I used to, and less macaroni because of my diabetes, and sprinkle (okay, more than sprinkle!) shredded mozzarella on top, and walla! pure comfort food. I'm a child of the 60s, so I grew up on the aforementioned tuna casseroles, sloppy joes, spaghetti, meat loaf, and shit on a shingle. Never had navy beans with ketchup, though, @CTRLZero !
  14. Most of what is mentioned above showed up at one point or another in my household. Did anyone else have navy beans with ketchup? That was my mom's go-to, and I didn't realize navy beans could be served any other way for the longest time, lol!
  15. Yep! I have three versions of this in my repertoire....two are family favorites. And a little something from the 70's called "Spanish Rice." which in my house was white rice mixed with cans of diced tomatoes, hot dogs cut lengthwise laid over the top and that covered with sliced of American cheese. it is not Spanish, it is barely food, but now and again it's yummy. It is absolutely worthy of the Duggar table.
  16. it's this: https://www.thecountrycook.net/grandmas-goulash/ but without the Italian spices, because why would we use anything in the spice cabinet? We might run out!
  17. HerNameIsBuffy

    Deviled, Evil, or Picnic Eggs - Share!

    I just noticed the other day, in the Duggars forum, that Michelle calls them "yellow pocket angel eggs." The lengths these people will go to in order to avoid using the word devil ...he who must not be named, I guess. I use it in sloppy joes. So if you wonder who is buying the one small jar a year, that's me.
  18. Mulligan? I make this, kids love it still. It's one of my most Duggaresque recipes and if Jill were to post it FJers would tear her apart. (lots of people here call it goulash)
  19. Who else had hot dogs using a slice of sandwich bread as the bun?
  20. Sounds like we had a lot of similar things going on! I'd forgotten about the potato soup! My mom saved me from the liver and onions by refusing to allow liver or beef tongue to be cooked in her house. Didn't stop my dad and grandma trying to get me to try them at some weird west Michigan restaurant in an old train. Gag. I hated onions as a kid.
  21. I was born in the late 70’s. Breakfast: oatmeal made in the microwave, toast, scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, and as a teen cereal. (Usually oatmeal 5 days a week.) We had Kraft mac and cheese, homemade mac n cheese, baked chicken breasts, pasta salad, beef liver and onions, potato soup, hamburger soup (same as Maggie’s, but I loved it), hamburger meat and pasta (like homemade Hamburger Helper), taco salad, a lot of veggies from the garden, sandwiches made with deli meat and cheese, apples, green salads, and I’m drawing a blank on what else. Chili. Eta: spaghetti,
  22. Well my mother doesn't really like any herbs and spices so everything was salted or doused in ketchup but that's about it. My dad loves spices but he is not from America so he would have a lot of non-typical foods like cow intestines or chicken feet. So I had to choose what I wanted to eat for dinner. Tough decisions. 😓
  23. How many of us had to suffer through the awful food of the pre-2000s? My family rarely went out to eat, and my mom always had salad and fresh foods around, which saved me from my dad's HORRID concoctions. Here's a list: tuna casserole "shit" on a shingle (i think it's supposed to be called "chipped beef on toast.") "goulash" (not Hungarian Goulash, which is really good. This was some sort of weird tomato sauce + noodles + ground beef) Sloppy Joes (ground beef, tomato sauce, served on hamburger buns) salmon patties (canned salmon, overcooked into a patty that was
  24. HerNameIsBuffy

    New Year's Lucky Foods

    I think they need to diversify their market. There are plenty of jars of creamed and some other kind of herring on the shelves just no pickeld. ....YAY my boy just came in with two jars. 4th store the charm!
  25. Maggie Mae

    New Year's Lucky Foods

    It's a supply problem - fish have been on a constant decline as ocean waters warm. Add in Capitalism and ... Well, Alaska Fisheries sell to Japan before the US. Other fisheries found more money in selling herring as bait for lobster.

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