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RC Sprouls On Why All Christians Are Guilty Of Abortion


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First, we have been largely silent on fornication. Wonders of technology notwithstanding, babies come from having sex. One could argue that abortion is a symptom of a broader problem- the world’s, and the church’s conviction that whatever else we do, we must be able to do what we wish with our pants off. In our churches the scandal is not that our young people are having sex. Virtually everyone not only knows this, but accepts this. The only scandal is when they get pregnant. Until we take back this ground, until we proclaim the law of God on this issue, nothing will change.

Check. Christians in a free society should be concerned about what other people do with their penises and vaginas. Everyone is aware that conservative Christians believe premarital sex is a sin. Conservative Christians have been very vocal about the fact that couples should abstain until marriage. What further actions does he want his readers to take? Are they supposed to create laws to punish those evil harlots who don't care about upholding conservative Christian values?

Second, we are profoundly indifferent.

The crazy legal attempts to remove a woman's right to choose doesn't seem 'profoundly indifferent."

Just as murdering moms soothe themselves with the lie that it’s just tissue, so we soothe ourselves with the lie that voting Republican and writing a check to the local crisis pregnancy center is enough.

It is just a brainless mass of tissue, you twit.

Third, we don’t care, I suspect, because we think the babies being killed are minorities.

Because most of us find racism abhorrent, he is trying to guilt his readers into acting.

If over a million babies from white middle class homes were being torn limb from limb and burned alive each year, I suspect we would rise up.

Rise up? What does he mean by 'rise up?"

Fourth, the church shares the world’s fundamental posture toward children. In both instances we see children as burdens,

A person who views children as burdens should not have kids.

Fifth, which is just not the case, that we are unwilling to murder our own. One study, referenced here: http://www.heartlink.org/prodevelopment/A000000409.cfm suggests that one in six women securing an abortion is a self-professed evangelical.

Perhaps some of the shame that is caused by everyone knowing that the woman had premarital sex is the cause behind that percentage. Or perhaps the lack of good sex education and access to birth control is at fault.


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I understand that when you believe fully human life begins at conception that you're troubled by abortion, even when science tells you otherwise.

But really? Is this the only issue Christians should be obsessed with? How about the sanctity of life after birth? All the poor and suffering who need support and love?

Captain Obvious here, but it irks me to no end.

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So at least he admits that most fundies only care about the white babies which is just one of the reasons that "just give birth and adopt it out" is such bullshit.

I would love to see him answer what he wants done to these "murdering mothers". Does he want them put in jail for murdering their child? Most anti-choice people answer no, which shows that they don't really see it as murdering a baby.

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No matter what they say, it is fundies who see babies as a burden- otherwise they wouldn't be against public health care, welfare programs, etc. Once their tax dollars go to helping these kids they become pretty clear on the fact that kids are burdens.

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