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ND close to passing Personhood bill


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For anyone who still thinks these bills are about protecting babies, I direct you to this quote in the article,

"The State Senate rejected a second personhood bill introduced by Sitte that would have made it difficult for women to use in vitro fertilization. The bill would have prohibited doctors from disposing of unused embryos after an in vitro cycle, which would force families to pay hundreds of dollars each year to keep the embryos frozen indefinitely."

Personhood bills gain traction with pro-lifers/forced-birthers because they think these bills exist to protect the life of the unborn, but they have never been about protecting the not yet born. They have always been about controlling women. Even ND, poised to pass this personhood bill and oh so excited about it, doesn't actually think that an embryo has the right to life, only that a pregnant woman doesn't have the right to make a medical decision about her body.

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The bill is an embarrassment and shame to the normally practical people of North Dakota. The more liberal legislators were so angered and upset about the bill passing the house that they suggested apportioning several million dollars to go along with the bill to defend the inevitable lawsuits that will undoubtedly accompany the new laws.

The bill passed on the heels of this embarassment:


I can't even express the shame that goes with having North Dakota be the state involved in this nonsense. This is how they waste the oil surplus? Defending unconstitutional laws proposed by a handful of fanatics that have made it their mission in life to pass. Shameful.

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How do these arseholes get into power?! :evil:

North Dakota lawmakers passed a Personhood Constitutional Amendment initiative on Thursday that would amend the state's constitution to give legal rights and protections to human embryos.

So let me get this straight, they want to give a clump of cells rights? Cancer is a clump of cells, let's give that rights too!

It's makes me sick that this is the direction that the US seems to be heading, stripping half the population of their rights to their own bodies. :cry:

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How do these arseholes get into power?!

In North Dakota, it's very simple. The Legislature only meets once overy two years and are paid a tiny salary and living stipend. Living in Bismarck is *very* expensive. Bismarck is close enough to the oil boom that rents are through the roof.

The only people who can afford to become legislators are the wealthy types who are either career stay-at-home moms or they only work in the summer and can hang out around the legislature all winter.

I've heard lobbyists make a very nice living in Bismarck. We need an infusion of people who actutally work for a living to step in and run for legislative spots.

It's an embarassment to the pragmatic nature of North Dakota to have these idiots running our state. Our Scandinavian ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

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