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Your rhetoric is absolutely killer! - Pamela Geller


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Free speech is at the heart of any free society. Without it, other freedoms are illusory. With it, even governments tipping towards fascism may be brought to heel - I hope.

But when you write a thing, good or ill, you then become responsible for your words; for the factual accuracy of them. If your inaccurate words should cause someone else to stumble – and this is doubly true if you’re lying - then you share in some part of the guilt.

With that said, I will copy verbatim a post that appeared last night on the snark website Sadlyno.com.

The main subject of this column is a woman named Pamela Geller. Some of you may know her from trolling fundie sites. She’s a rightist who delights in publishing eliminationist rhetoric about Muslims.

Anders Behring Breivik linked to her blog 13 times in the anti-Muslim treatise he wrote ahead of a killing spree that took 87 lives. (Yes, 87. That’s not a typo. And many of them were kids at summer camp.)

Atlas Rationalizes

Posted at 17:15 by Tintin

No one will be surprised that things have been interesting over at the shrieking harpy’s anti-Muslim klaven lately. Particularly now that it is clear that the Norwegian madman was influenced by extremist anti-Muslim lunatics like Pam and her ilk at Brussels Journal, Gates of Vienna, and Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.

The “fun†started with “Norway Shooter a Charles Johnson Fan: The Killer Links to LGF.†Only Geller could start tromping down this path without realizing it was going to blow up in her on face. Did she think that anyone linking to LGF in its crazy days wouldn’t also be enamored with Pamela’s own amphetamine-crazed rantings about Muslims?

Sadly, no. In the anti-Muslim screed posted by the shooter, I counted thirteen links to Atlas Shrugged.

Pam holds on to the idea that the shooter wasn’t really anti-Muslim in her latest post and says, in defiance of all evidence in the shooter’s 1500-page anti-Muslim screed:

Snark fails me here. [bURRIS’ NOTE: If Pam had been assed to read anything about Breivik, she would have learned why he targeted children, and how that tied in with his extremist views.] But this is just leading up to Pam’s point about the real atrocity here:

That’s rich coming from someone who has spent her adult life running a blog devoted to reporting every instance where a Muslim driver runs a red light.

(Link to SadlyNo coverage)

So there you have it: Pam, who never misses an opportunity to mention Islam in conjunction with terrorism if she can get away with it, seems more upset by the press’ reporting on Breivik’s religion – a religion that played into his crime – than she is about the fact he was at least a semi-regular reader of hers, and linked over a dozen times to her blog in his grand manifesto.

A day will come when Pam realizes she was wrong. By then, it will be even more ‘too late’ than it now – and no one will listen to her warnings, any more than she and some of her peeps listen to ours.

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I'm a big fan of Charles, and I've been active at LGF for about 2 years. There is a bit of context I feel is missing in this post - Charles has been doing his level best to expose Pam's ties to overtly racist organizations in Europe. We're talking groups that make the KKK look warm and fuzzy. There has been an out and out war between her blog and LGF, as well as on social media. Pam will pretty much sacrifice her first child if it would somehow make Charles look bad.

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I'm a big fan of Charles, and I've been active at LGF for about 2 years...Charles has been doing his level best to expose Pam's ties to overtly racist organizations in Europe. We're talking groups that make the KKK look warm and fuzzy.

Thank you for the additional info.

One of the Sadlyno commenters wondered whether Geller sometimes wakes up at night in a panic about what a rotten human being she is. Somehow, I doubt it.

As far as I'm concerned, she has the blood of 87 men, women, and children on her hands. Her rhetoric played a part - perhaps a pivotal role - in Breivik's decisions. Her wonton cruelty emboldened him.

I speak from experience when I say this: A day will come when she regrets her words.

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The discussions on Rapture Ready boards were 'interesting' too. When news hit of the shootings and bombings, Muslims were blamed and Islam was condemned. Yet when it was identified that the perpetrator was a right wing fundamentalist Christian, it was all, 'Oh he couldn't be a REAL Christian'.

Yet strangely enough when it is a Muslim who commits an atrocity, he is obviously a REAL Muslim.

They were also condemning the news reporters for emphasising, unnecessarily in their view, the fact that the perpetrator was a fundamentalist Christian. Would they step up and condemn any reports if the perpetrator had been a Muslim? Hell no.

The message boards on USAToday were even worse than that. The condemnation of Islam reach astronomic levels, yet once it was revealed the shooter was a fundamentalist Christian, all you could hear was the sound of crickets...

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The condemnation of Islam reach astronomic levels, yet once it was revealed the shooter was a fundamentalist Christian, all you could hear was the sound of crickets...

Indeed. It's going to be harder than usual to knock this into the same memory hole that swallows news of abortion doctor-killers and other assorted Christian terrorists.

Most terrorists with a body count that high carry out bombings. This guy killed significantly fewer in the bombing - it was merely the distraction he'd planned - than he did on foot and eye-to-eye. He's on intimate terms with rabid cruelty - a cruelty he was emboldened to express by the endless stream of xenophobic bigotry Geller and her friends produce.

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