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    Welcome to Free Jinger. Before you dive in, here is a little bit about what this site is all about.

    Free Jinger is a free speech zone. We do not moderate based on anything other than hate speech. If you don’t like what someone is saying, challenge them. We prize logic and reason here, as well as thoughtful debate. We do not believe in deleting content, except in very rare situations. In other words, the internet is forever, so think before you post.

    If you found us from a Google search of "Duggars", you should know this is not a Duggar fan site. So what specifically is discussed here at Free Jinger? The main forum is Quiverfull of Snark. Primarily Free Jinger is used to discuss the ways of extremists and fundamentalists, mainly religious fundamentalists, and the impact that has on our society. We also have quite a snarky side. Sometimes the discussion is very serious, sometimes it is humorous. The discussions can get quite heated, and may even border on venting so please, no grammar or punctuation policing. 'Text speak' is not allowed. If topics religious, feminist, or reproductive will harm your psyche, consider carefully before you wade in.

    On this site we also have forums to discuss misogyny and other issues going on in the world. And for when you're in a lighter mood, there are a few fun forums for discussing entertainment and hobbies.

    If your viewpoint tends to the “traditional,” you don’t need to leave – in fact, you are welcome, because otherwise we’re just a bunch of hens agreeing with each other – but you do need a nice thick hide and the intellectual ability to defend your thinking. “Because Mama and Jesus told me so” is not good enough.

    Please read our Guidelines, Terms of Use (ToU), and Welcome New Members pages.

    You have been warned.

    Welcome :D

    (updated November 19, 2016)

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    • Mela99


      We'll never be free until we end (fundie) slavery!

    • VBOY9977


      Omg, they just posted about their anniversary. They went on a cruise and were saddened with the drinking and party life. They also went to Mexico and of course proselytized there. Lmao to be a fly on the wall.... I would’ve loved to see their faces watching people live their best life on the cruise

    • artdecades

      Posted (edited)

      I wish someone would flip the whataboutism back around at her so she could see how ridiculous her logic is. Who cares about the aborted fetuses when 17 innocent lives were taken in an act of pure violence which could have been prevented by common sense gun laws.


      What a moron. Her husband prayed for boy and girl twins so thats what it is. I hope her stupidness doesn't lead to something bad like Carri. Her fetus/es doesn't deserve that.


      ETA: this is her first pregnancy. She has no idea what a twin pregnancy feels like vs a single pregnancy. How can she be so sure.

      Edited by artdecades
    • December


      6 minutes ago, VelociRapture said:

      All that to say, I really don’t think people who live in their areas care enough about the Duggars to share a lot of information about them.

      Or they just zip it cause they want the media to stop featuring articles about them! 

      1 minute ago, SamiKatz said:

      Just a peeve of mine with regard to the Duggar women.

      They have  jobs, that they get paid for.  The job is being on a TV show.

      Just call it a ministry and it's suddenly okay! ;) The line seems to be not in having work, but in having work outside of family-related ventures.

    • tabitha2


      1 minute ago, VelociRapture said:

      Just want to point out that Derick did have a regular job at Walmart during his engagement and first year of marriage, during the Duggars’ peak popularity. As far as I know, none of his coworkers posted about him or shared about working with him. To a certain extent, the same is true of his “Ministry” program through Cross Church - the Dills post some stuff and pop up in posts from other people, but we see and hear nothing about his coursework and very little about what he’s doing for his internship during the day. It’s possible he’s bringing in money by working, but I do doubt it in his case. 

      Ben has an internship at Harvard Avenue Baptist Church and is pursuing an online degree at the Moody Bible Institute. I have no clue if his internship is paid or if he holds an additional job outside that, but it’s very possible he does. The only reason we know about his internship is because he spoke at the Evangelism Reform Conference recently and his bio listed it - I don’t believe anyone connected with the Church mentioned or posted about the internship at all and Ben has been much quieter on social media recently than he used to be. 

      Austin has worked flipping houses. I’m pretty sure he’s still doing that, but I haven’t seen any photos of him working pop up either. Same with the adult Duggar men, who (I believe) work in some capacity for family businesses. In fact, the only one who I think pops up online with job related stuff regularly is Jeremy and that’s mostly content he or Jinger share and it makes sense they’d post considering he works as a Preacher. Spreading the word is part of the job description I guess. 

      All that to say, I really don’t think people who live in their areas care enough about the Duggars to share a lot of information about them. People who are actual fans or who experience a sighting while visiting the area may be more likely to share, but the Duggars have done a surprisingly good job at keeping certain parts of their lives pretty quiet. It’s also very possible that the workplaces - like Wal-Mart - had policies regarding social media and sharing information about the work place online.

      (Jinger’s diary was the one stolen several years ago when she was a teenager. It’s possible the Duggars learned not to be so open about with their children's’ rooms after that because I haven’t heard of anything like that happening since.)

       Thank you. That’s a very informed and  non argumentative post. I still think with all the internet presence they have it would be almost impossible for something not to be slipped for all these years no matter how hard they try  and the running off to CA for Derick dosent exactly give the steady employment vibes :)  but  you make good points. I guess it’s all opinion at this point :)