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    Welcome to Free Jinger. Before you dive in, here is a little bit about what this site is all about.

    Free Jinger is a free speech zone. We do not moderate based on anything other than hate speech. If you don’t like what someone is saying, challenge them. We prize logic and reason here, as well as thoughtful debate. We do not believe in deleting content, except in very rare situations. In other words, the internet is forever, so think before you post.

    If you found us from a Google search of "Duggars", you should know this is not a Duggar fan site. So what specifically is discussed here at Free Jinger? The main forum is Quiverfull of Snark. Primarily Free Jinger is used to discuss the ways of extremists and fundamentalists, mainly religious fundamentalists, and the impact that has on our society. We also have quite a snarky side. Sometimes the discussion is very serious, sometimes it is humorous. The discussions can get quite heated, and may even border on venting so please, no grammar or punctuation policing. 'Text speak' is not allowed. If topics religious, feminist, or reproductive will harm your psyche, consider carefully before you wade in.

    On this site we also have forums to discuss misogyny and other issues going on in the world. And for when you're in a lighter mood, there are a few fun forums for discussing entertainment and hobbies.

    If your viewpoint tends to the “traditional,” you don’t need to leave – in fact, you are welcome, because otherwise we’re just a bunch of hens agreeing with each other – but you do need a nice thick hide and the intellectual ability to defend your thinking. “Because Mama and Jesus told me so” is not good enough.

    Please read our Guidelines, Terms of Use (ToU), and Welcome New Members pages.

    You have been warned.

    Welcome :D

    (updated November 19, 2016)

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    • anjulibai


      John has lost a bunch of weight. I hope he is okay.

    • mango_fandango


      Mike Pence has offered his condolences. I wish him and trump would keep out of this. The support is a nice gesture (in theory), but given who it's from, and the complexity of the case...

    • PumaLover


      Did anyone mention months for a theme? I've heard of January, April, May and June being used as names. I also went to junior high with twins named Autumn and Season.

      I'm glad my kid came with a name already because I'm bad at choosing names. It took me forever to name my kitten.

    • Dugg@rTime


      1 hour ago, nst said:

      Jill is at it again 

      jillmdillardWho is "the Word"? John chapter 1 verses 14-17 in the Bible go on to tell us! 
      Friends, what great hope this is! #hedweltamongus #Jesus#oldtestamentfulfilled

      she wants us to tell her what to do 


      I've not read her post yet, but is it wrong that I have Grease is the Word going round in my head now?:my_biggrin:

    • Jatalie1996


      2 minutes ago, sparkles said:

      So I commented on the fair post. I'll be surprised if it sees the light of day, but Steve did post my less than complimentary comment about their protest at the abortion clinic, so you never know.

      :bow-blue: Brilliant comment! I would love to see their response, Probably not gonna happen, though.