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  • Welcome to all our new members!

    Welcome to Free Jinger!  We hope you enjoy your time here.  Free Jinger (FJ) has a somewhat specific board culture when new members may not be used to from other forums.  We have put together some tips to help new members integrate successfully into the community.

    * Be sure to read our rules

    * Read the TOU and Privacy Policy while you are at it

    If you do not email us when people that live with you have accounts, you WILL be banned for being socks.

    * We have an amazing set of FAQs  (thank you @HerNameIsBuffy)

    * Since history has taught us since most people don't read the rules, we do not allow hate speech here. That means we do not allow words like retard/retarded, fag/faggot, gay (used as a slur), the n-word, etc.  We also don't allow symbols of hate in avatars or cover photos.  This includes swastikas and confederate flags.

    * Please read this post by Happy Atheist before you jump right into posting.

    * We have a whole forum set up just to help new members get acquainted with Free Jinger. You will find it here. It's not mandatory, but you won't have to worry about being scolded by long term members for making mistakes if you post in that particular forum. ;)

    * Please take a moment to read this great post by Church_of_dog and this one too to help you avoid running afoul of our board culture.

    * We have such a wonderful community here that people do things like write summaries on the families and organizations we talk about, maintain a blog list and maintain an FJ specific dictionary. We also have a handy acronym feature.  Hover your mouse over acronyms that are underlined and you will be shown what they stand for.

    * We also have subforums dedicated to the people we discuss.

    * Please make your post readable.  This means:

    • Post in English only
    • Don't use excessive formatting
    • Remove formatting from pasted text
    • Put animated images under a spoiler
    • Put excessive (more than 2) images under a spoiler
    • Snip quotes
    • No text speak
    • Mark links NSFW
    • No NSFW images

    * You need 75 posts to start new threads or read our Are You There FJ area.  You can start new threads in the SOTDRT and a helpmeet will move it to the appropriate forum for you.  If your post does need to be moved, please report your post with a note that it needs to be moved.   We don't always catch those kinds of posts right away.

    * Please keep the majority of your comments/snark based on the beliefs/ideology/philosophy of the people who you are speaking about.   It is natural for a snark site to have some "bitch eating crackers" (BEC) type commentary and that is fine, but please make it the exception, not the rule.

    *BEC =/= snark.  If you don't understand the difference ask!

    * Expect push back if you let your xenophobic, islamophobic, racist, homophobic, misogynist freak flag fly.

    * Words have meaning on FJ. The majority of members are going to take what you say in the plain English meaning of the words you use.  You will not be able to "baffle them with bullshit" here.  Use "word salads," mainsplaining and your own definitions of words at your own risk.

    * If you state something as a fact (rather than your opinion), you should expect that someone will ask you for sources to back up your claim.  If you use crazy, biased sources you will likely receive mocking and push back.   We do not allow links to hate sites (Stor*mfro*t, Brietbart, Infowars)

    * We currently support tapatalk, however tapatalk does not fully support us.  Please make sure your signature is turned off in your tapatalk settings. If you are having problems or wonkiness when using tapatalk, please make sure to check out tech support forum to see if your issue has already been addressed.

    * We use post count titles.  The first one is "You're Going to Hell."  No one will be upset when seeing this title above your name.  Just make 5 posts and you will get a new post count title.

    * No one owes anyone an explanation for downvotes and they can be given for any reason, from serious disagreement to an avatar that doesn't amuse you.  Don't ask about downvotes in the threads - that's not drift it's disruption.  Also remember that people accidentally downvote when on mobile so if it happens and there is no other reason to believe your post is objectionable do everyone a favor and let it go.

    * We heavily discourage 1-2 word/emoticon/emoji posts.  We do not allow posts like "I agree" or similar variants at all.  Please use the like button for those types of posts instead.  We do realize that on occasion a very short post is used to make a point or a joke and that is fine.  Please don't make these types of posts the majority of your contributions to discussions.

    * When you post an article, particularly from a mainstream site, please don't copy/paste the entire article. Post the link and then a few bits that you feel are important and then let people go read the rest of the article themselves. it's not really very copyright friendly to post the whole article.

    * If you find an article on a fundy site and you think they will delete the article and it may be useful to have the whole thing to refute them in the future  (ie: Kendull's I "spanked" my kids all day post)., a screenshot is best in this case rather than a full copy/paste.

    * When you post your article that you have found, please add a sentence or 2 of your own commentary so people know why you felt the article is worth their viewing time.

    * When you start a thread, making your title relevant to the subject will get you more input and it helps reduce duplicate threads. Instead of saying just "This is crazy" say "Zsu believes Obama is a hologram. Crazy!" (not actually true... that I know of)

    * Please scan the first couple pages of a forum before you post a new thread to make sure it's not a duplicate.  If you do accidentally make a duplicate thread, just report your post and a helpmeet will be along to merge it with the original topic.

    * If you post "insider" information, we may ask you to verify your identity to the admins.  Any information you provide will be kept confidential.

    * If you want to post about a controversial topic, please use the No Holds Barred (NHB) forum.

    If you have any questions, comments or problems please feel free to PM a Helpmeet and they will be able to assist you.

    Welcome to the community!

    (Updated November 19, 2016)



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    • refugee


      11 hours ago, EmiGirl said:

      One thing I found out was that the students at our local university were being penalized for using food pantries. Somehow it counted toward income and therefore affected (effected? I always screw those two up.) their financial aid. So an astounding number of the students were food insecure. So the university set up it's own pantry that somehow wouldn't. My church heavily supports it. 

      A local university has a food pantry for students. I was so glad to find it out as I remember living on ramen decades ago... and living costs, tuition and books are so much more expensive now.

    • just_ordinary


      On 5/23/2018 at 4:33 PM, 2manyKidzzz said:

      This is so interesting. Do you know of “A Course in Miracles”? That is a central point made there. Do you have any more insight you learned about this, that God is unaware of us? It really is fascinating and I haven’t seen it mentioned other than ACIM.

      I cannot recall to be familiar with „A course in Miracles“.  My university times are over for quite some time now, so please understand that what I will write might be simplified and are mostly the points that impressed me enough. 

      We basically worked with texts from the Middle Ages. The philosophers had just gotten hold of the ancient greek texts again through contact with the Arabs. One called THE GREAT COMMENTATOR as he was the main source for Arist for example (too lazy to look up his name). The basic principles of logic and the need of it to form a strong argument together with more and more questions about religion, universities as places of doubt and knowledge as counterpart to the Vatican, development in societies- this all was a big melting pot that opened the door to fantastic (sometimes hilarious, sometimes fascinating, sometimes VERY modern) ideas about how the bible could be true and not in conflict with scientific developments. They were all over the place. The concept of the unmoved mover was popular to describe gods nature. An unmoving entity that wouldn’t even know several thoughts and words as we do. Because it would truly be one and singular- different thoughts, words, letters would mean plurality. It also doesn’t have a body so every sensory way we understand the world around us limits us. Our body makes it impossible for us the understand god, and the unmoved mover is not thinking about us.  This goes hand in hand with the concept that only equal can recognise (and understand) equal.

      As I said- those ideas are often quite far from how we would read the bible and interpret god (and angles- great problem indeed) but they truly tried to stay true to the bible as far as they could. There are many more concepts and it gets really crazy when they stumbled upon stuff in the bible that they couldn’t made logically work. They often enough decided the bible might not be literally true. It was quite a balance because they had to make sure not to get in trouble with the Vatikan. One wrote about how the creatures of the air came out of „air slur“, water creatures from „water slur“ and so on. Based on biblical texts it still sounds a hell lot like evolution.

      As I said, my university days are long over and I am very unsure if I used the right English terms. The idea of god in this scientific field is very different from the normal mainstream. I am between both positions. The philosophical perspective helps to make sense of all those questions but I cannot remove the mainstream idea of god from my life. But then, as stated in my country we are mostly Cafeteria Christians and don’t think about god and religion a lot, nor do we make a big effort to follow church teachings.

    • refugee


      11 hours ago, Palimpsest said:

      This sounds like a Food Pantry but run as a co-op.  Do they only serve fellow Christians and only allow the right sort of Christian to join?

      We have a Food Pantry that serves several towns, some affluent and some not so much.  It is not just a Christian thing and I'd take a very dim view of a "Christian" group trying to siphon off their supplies.:laughing-lmao:

      Our Food Pantry has no income requirements and no religious affiliation requirement. Only proof of residence (a utility bill or something similar) is required. 

      Also no proof of refusing govt. funding is required (not like it is that generous.)  In fact the trained volunteers help people to apply for govt. help if they want.  Clients can pick up food 2 X  a month with an "open shelf" policy.  They do limit how much food can be given out by family size, and it is capped at $500 worth of food per month for the largest families.

      It serves seniors as well as families with children.  This used to be a rural and agricultural area but lots of commuters have moved in.  Some seniors are in danger of being forced out of the newly "affluent" towns where they have lived their whole lives due to skyrocketing property taxes.

      Food Pantries are a good thing.  :)


      I honestly don’t remember about constraints. It was over 20 years ago, and we were struggling financially, and we were deep in the koolade. In those days, I would take my kids to the park for the free lunches in the summertime, and watch them eat, because kids ate free but adults had to pay. And felt guilty because our church told us it was wrong to take government handouts. The gleaners organization was a godsend in that sense. There were a lot of people in the faith community who would not take WIC or food stamps or go to food banks because they blindly followed not-going-hungry false teachers. Yeah, we were blind and stupid. But that’s what brainwashing does.

      And yes, food pantries are indeed a good thing. I donate on a regular basis. Good stuff, too, that I would have appreciated in the days when we were eating what other people didn’t want. (I recommend it. Give to the food bank the same stuff your family enjoys eating. It might make someone’s day.)

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    • hoipolloi


      7 hours ago, Hisey said:

      According to his facebook, he is graduated from Harvard Law and going to Columbus, either for work or vacation. The buddy who posted about Columbus is another Harvard Law grad (with quite a fancy resume!) who is now a lawyer in Ohio.


      The Columbus guy also has a photo of himself with Clarence Thomas :puke-front:

    • feministxtian


      we had to rehome our dogs when life blew up. I gave them to a friend of a friend, and I know they have a great home. It's been over 3 years and I STILL miss them SO MUCH...it wasn't that we didn't want them, God I wanted to be able to keep them, but it wasn't right since we were going to be homeless, and it wouldn't have been fair to them to try to keep them in a small apartment with no yard. We were able to keep the cats, thank God. But when that fucking social worker suggested getting rid of the cats AND my car I about took her head off. My felines have adapted to the changes in their lives quite well. I don't think the dogs would have...

      That bitch wouldn't understand loving ANYTHING.