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Who Would Best Survive in the Outside World?


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We tend to like to discuss who could possibly break free from the QF lifestyle, but how well would they do once they leave? Who could get a job and function as a member of society?

My random thoughts:

Duggar kids - The older ones are used to the spotlight, travel around, and have a fair amount of exposure to the outside world. Thus they have had a bit more socialization. OTOH, they are the most indoctrinated. I wonder if by the time the younger ones are of legal age if the rules become a bit more lax. J'chelle and Jboob will be older and slowing down a bit by the time these kids turn 18. J'chelle will likely be depressed and out of it as she will go through menopause. The older girls might marry off and Mom may not really feel like raising these kids anymore. Maybe she will relent and send them to Christian school. Without the gravy train running, if one of the smart ones get a scholarship to a Christian (or otherwise) college, maybe the parents will be happy to send one out of the house to lessen expenses. I just can't see the parents being able to keep up the effort of indoctrinating all kids indefinitely and it's possible their stranglehold on the kids will lessen and they will develop some outside world skills.

Yeah. I'm dreaming.

ZuZu - She has some skills and education. I see her as capable of making her own money. Her problem is lack of a support network. She has no one outside her church. Her family is in Europe and it seems the relationship exists, but it's strained. Could she go crawling back to their "I told you so"s? If she did, PP would make sure she never saw the kids again. I'm not sure she'd do well without any sort of support network.

ZuZu-s Kids - Assuming ZuZu actually schools them, they might be better educated than some fundie kids, but their social skills would be so sorely lacking. They're not used to accepting people who aren't totally like them.

Maxwells - These kids are so poorly socialized and so limited in the outside world, I doubt they would know what to do with themselves. How could they have fun in a world where fun is allowed? If Sarah could legally wrestle away any of the money she earned from her books, would be enough to keep herself while she obtained a real education? What are her skills would be for even a menial job?

Botkinettes - I would think they have the most hope of surviving. There must be a fair number of different types who go to their conferences. Their writing is over the top, but they can write, and they have computer skills. They're used to public speaking. If they could legally get the money they earned away from their father from their books and videos. They are computer savvy enough to at least do temp work and they could pursue a degree. They also have their cool cousin to run to.

Just some of my thoughts.

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I think the Maxwell boys can "survive" without Steve. They are trained to earn an income and be "leaders" in their homes. If dad dies, I can imagine they could take over some of Steve's jobs. It's the girls that I think can't survive in the real world. They have few marketable skills and their socialization skills which would allow them to snatch a husband is minimal. The guys seem to know how to approach girls. The girls are taught never to do such a bold thing.

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