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It's great that there's an organization to do this but more than a bit infuriating that it's necessary.  Truck driver Daryn Wagler of the southeastern Iowa town of Ainswoth died in an accident on Christmas day in New Mexico and his family wasn't sure how they'd get him back home.


Trucking is one of the most deadly jobs according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, but many companies won’t pay to transport the bodies of those killed on the road home to their families. That’s why the organization Truckers Final Mile recently stepped in to help an Iowa family.

“You know we go out and we leave home and we all know we may never come back,” Dorie Moynihan explained, a recently retired truck driver of 35 years.

“In the trucking industry there’s, unless contractually obligated, there’s no mandate, law, statute, regulation or anything compelling any company to bring any driver home for any reason. Now there’s many, many companies that do take care of their own, but there’s a growing number that do not,” explained Robert Palm, Founder of truckersfinalmile.org.

The group was able to help foot the cost to bring Daryn home to his loved ones, and final resting place, earlier this month. Truckersfinalmile has helped more than 400 families since it began, including 12 already this year.

Wasn't for truckers we'd be even further up shit creek than we are already so the least companies can do is take care of their own when the worst happens to them away from home.

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