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Does Anyone Remember A Darling Life?


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Kathleen and Cale— the husband got a brain injury just after getting out of the military. They went on to have a daughter, and then a son. Cale’s capacity as a father is very limited but Kathleen’s mother lives there too. We didn’t talk much about them. She used to blog a lot at A Darling Kind of Life and the blog is still active, if slow. I hadn’t checked it in years. 

Anyways… she’s being a surrogate for a woman, felt called to do it. It’s actually really lovely and what a selfless thing to do. She has easy pregnancies and is spreading the love around. Also notable how openly she talks about IVF which a lot of Christians think is of the devil. 

Anyways, not sure if anyone remembers them but it was an interesting update. 

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Could never forget these two. 

IIRC, didn't the last discussion here on FJ center around agency -- did Cale's debilitating brain injury render him incapable of giving informed consent to sex?

There was also concern that his angry uncontrolled outbursts would be a danger to his children, but I guess it's all sorted -- she's found some way to make it work. I'm sure having her mom there is key.

The surrogacy thing is sweet. 


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I just read the blog about being a surrogate -- she'd wanted to do this since she was 18 and then she finally was able to do it.  

I was very cynical about this situation originally, but it sounds like she makes it work somehow, and yes, I could not imagine this working without her mother there full time. 


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It’s an interesting story. Howl, I remember being pretty cynical too. Is this healthy/fair to bring kids into etc. In hindsight it appears Kathleen and her mother communicated pretty clearly about making this family work, and I applaud them. That she is helping another family “happen” is a sweet coda. 

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