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New Ancient Greek Dictionary Finished


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A service has been done to humankind. 


A new ancient Greek-to-English dictionary 23 years in the making, the first written since 1889, has done away with Victorian niceties and just said the damn thing.

In 1997, scholar John Chadwick decided to update the Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon, composed a century earlier by HG Liddell and Robert Scott, most commonly used in academic settings. However, he and his colleague, Cambridge professor James Diggle, realized the whole thing needed a giant do-over because Victorians just couldn’t admit that humans shit, fuck, and suck cock and have since they un-globbed themselves from the primordial ooze and developed intestines and sex organs.

You may soon acquire your copy from Cambridge University Press should you have $84 lying around and a translation kink.

 If it was a bit less expensive yeah maybe. If for no other reason than to indulge my inner 8th grader. 

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