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brick wall- so close


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I'm so frustrated - I moved on from one brick wall to another as a change of pace.

I've got my g-grandparents marriage records and the names of their parents. The for my gg grandmothers line there are 5 local families with her name, all related descending from two brothers several generations earlier.   I'm just missing the link to my ggg grandfather.  I know he's from one of those families but I can't find anything to tell me which one.

My distraction for today is to map them out on paper and maybe engaging a new part of my brain will help.  

I need a time machine to go back and explain the important of being a little creative with names.  Multiple families, same surname, each with tons of kids all using the same 10 or so names....and how about not reusing identical names for living kids that you used to babies who passed.  Because it's creepy and complicates things.


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My sympathies.  I have one branch where the names Thomas, Simon, and Uriah (along with John, James, Joseph) are used on repeat.  


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