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  2. donnal

    Interesting Genealogy Findings

    Old topic, but I just noticed this forum existed, lol. I was recently able to find my father's birth parents and have been able to trace his lineage back to the late 1800s so far thanks to AncestryDNA and Ancestry.com. It's been very interesting. His side of the family has been this big gaping black hole for so long. His birth mother died very tragically when he was a baby and his father apparently couldn't raise the kids on his own so he gave them up for adoption. My father had no paperwork, the records were sealed, and he couldn't remember anyone's names or anything. I decided to take t
  3. HerNameIsBuffy

    Resistance Genealogy

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. I have some dark history in my family tree, not only slaveholders but a slave trader, and that has nothing to do with who I am. I'm all about holding people accountable for their own actions, but we can't be personally liable for the sins of our fathers, so to speak. To be clear I don't care if she embarrasses them with this, just commenting on the over arching point.
  4. clueliss

    Resistance Genealogy

    This thread - she's demonstrating the power of searching public records - in this example it was triggered by the false allegation that he idiots with guns in St. Louis were democratic party donors (they aren't).
  5. This is someone I follow on Twitter. She does 'resistance genealogy' - meaning she regularly digs into the genealogy of politicians and other famous types when they stand and spew stupid crap. https://twitter.com/CleverTitleTK She retweeted this gem after Drew Brees made his statement about 'the flag' last night. Guess who comes not only from a history of slave owning family but is tied into the removal of Choctaw Indians and the Andrew Jackson Indian Removal Act?
  6. So I discovered a lot of ancestry.com leads that led me to newspapers.com (and you can save the clippings over to ancestry). FYI Newspapers does offer a 7-day free trial which I'm taking advantage of at the moment. So yesterday I looked up my paternal family surname (sort of common in the US) in the small town my father is from. While I was hoping for obituaries for his mom, sister and father what I found was a series of divorce announcements, etc for my paternal grandparents (not a shock since I had figured out from evidence as well as a discussion with my uncle about them). (oh and t
  7. I have had two WTF moments . The one was finding out that my one ancestor , Stephen Duncan Burns , is also a distant cousin . So yeah , Pennsylvania backwoods folks can be inbred too . Another WTF moment I had , and probably the most controversial yet , was when researching a family name in my genealogy , Stumpner , I discovered that some Stumpners were Jewish , and had settled in Krakow , Poland https://jri-poland.org/databases/jridetail_2.php , while others were not Jewish , and were found among the great-great grandparents of this notable / notorious historical figure http://wargs.com/ot
  8. This is similar to the surnames of some of my Pennsylvania German ancestors . I kid you not , one of them had the maiden name of Feck , alternately Faeg , and the other Fuchs , pronounced with a long U , and in German the "ch" would have been pronounced with the " ka" sound , it means fox in English , which was what it was later Anglicized to .
  9. Upon researching my family tree , I discovered that I am descended from both a Revolutionary War veteran , Thomas Bolton Burns , and a Union Civil War veteran , his grandson , Stephen Duncan Burns . So , I might possibly be eligible to join both the Sons of the American Revolution , and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War . Being that I am male , I obviously would not be eligible to join the DAR . So far though , I have just been part of a club that consists of me , myself , and I . The activity of this club is to buy small U. S. flags to adorn the graves of Union , and Revolu
  10. Marmion

    Introduce yourself

    I first got into history because , for one thing I have always been interested in History , and I wanted to learn more specifically about my ancestors role in historical events , and pay tribute to them . More personally though , I had wanted to try to see if I could find any concrete evidence to back up this bit of family folklore passed along by an uncle of mine . He had claimed that I had a great-great-great-great grandmother whom was a Native American , of the Crow nation . Well , upon doing extensive research , I found out that the closest ancestor whom fit the bill , was the wife of Co
  11. I've posted this elsewhere, but my fave so far is a family name of Fukkink. Especially got a giggle when I went on ancestry.ca and found all the generic questions, such as: "What did your Fukkink ancestors do for a living?" and "What is the average Fukkink lifespan?"
  12. I believe it's Daughters of Union Veterans
  13. I'd forgotten the genealogy section existed, so thanks, @raspberrymint, for resurrecting this thread! I'm eligible on both parents' side to join the DAR, but I probably never will. I'm not a joiner, and I'm lazy--it's too much work gathering all the evidence together. I just know I'd forget to dot an i or cross a t, and the DAR would reject me. I've had enough rejection in my life already. I could join the United Daughters of the Confederacy, too, thanks to my father's great grandfather, but...um...nope. Who knows, he could have been the one who shot my maternal 3rd great grandfath
  14. Orringe (pronounced orange) and Smiley, unrelated men.
  15. My white ancestors on my dad's side fought for the confederacy and my paternal grandfather was discarded for being biracial (half black half white). This grandfather was a veteran himself, but died a few days after returning home. He isn't considered someone who died serving, though I think he should be because his cause of death was directly connected to what he sustained overseas. He was cremated. His ashes are with my grandmother and will go to his oldest child, my father's sister, when my grandmother passes (then to my aunt's son, then to my aunt's grandson, etc). I just recen
  16. clueliss

    Question About German Surnames

    And interesting about the location since that is near Westerkappeln where I've also found baptismal records and the like. (Also looking at the map and thinking - hmmm, okay, now I know why either 23 & Me or Ancestry is telling me that the netherlands is an area my genes come from since it is next door. )
  17. prayawaythefundie

    Question About German Surnames

    Yeah, no problem. I‘m not a geneaology expert at all but am happy to help with anything language related / original German documents if you need it.
  18. clueliss

    Question About German Surnames

    Thank you - I'll have to dig into this later.
  19. prayawaythefundie

    Question About German Surnames

    @clueliss Are you still interested? The link @Bethella provided is the way to go, the google translator results do not make much sense to German ears / eyes. It looks like the original surname of these people was Hackman which could have two different meanings depending on the region. Since this was in Westphalia, the meaning „merchant“ would be more likely but „doorkeeper“ is possible as well, according to German wikipedia. Zu Handarpe indicates that the place Handarpe in Westphalia is the family‘s home. Since this is an old document, it can mean just that because people used
  20. One of my paternal grandpa’s elder brothers died at about four years of age in 1924. Grandpa always said he remembered the funeral even though he wasn’t a year old yet. I always thought of this great uncle as a younger brother to my grandpa even though he was a few years older than grandpa.
  21. clueliss

    How to get started

    I've also resorted to, if I know a specific location, putting in the last name without a first name so I can see all of the last name living in a town or county. (which led me to find a great grandmother at one address, her sister, brother, grandfather and a couple of others at a second address and I think her father and uncle at a third address with no sign of her mother or another sister anywhere).
  22. Bethella

    How to get started

    Assuming you're an American, most public libraries have a subscription to Ancestry. I'd recommend checking locally and trying it out before you bother paying for your own subscription. 1940 is the most recent US Census that has been released, 1950 will be released in April 2022 (after 72 years). The most recent full Canadian Census that has been released is 1921 (there's a 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces- Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that's available too), 1931 should be released in 2023 (after 92 years). Here's a link that explains the available Canadian records. https://www.b
  23. WiseGirl

    How to get started

    Any advice for finding U.S. census information? I keep getting sent to the 1940 as the most recent. What would be the Canadian equivalent? Very much a newbie, as I just started this weekend. Do most people join Ancestry?
  24. WiseGirl

    Canadian Resources

    I'm very much a newbie at this (as in started thus weekend). Anyone have suggestions for French Canadian sources? Quebec area for sure also possibly Montreal. Does anyone find Google translate to be helpful?
  25. That would explain a lot. My great-grandfather was in the Air Force too.
  26. There was a fire in the records from WWII in the 70s (I think). A lot of info was lost. My grandpa was at signal school then suddenly attached to a bomber squadron across the country. WWI records are even harder for some reason.

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