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Stuff to file under no shit sherlock


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I don't think this is real, but if it were I'd file this under no shit, Sherlock.


Study Shows Women Have Happier Relationships When Their Partners Aren’t Massive Douchebags

Think that your girlfriend likes it when you promise you’ll pick her up from the dentist, but then forget because you’re playing Call of Duty? Think again! A surprising new study conducted by Columbia University revealed that women are happier in relationships when their partners aren’t massive douchebags.

The study results challenge the convention that women are totally cool with dating someone who makes them feel like shit most of the time, whether by constantly commenting on the attractiveness of other women, or asking their partner to get a boob job. Up until now, scientists even believed that it was desirable among large groups of women to have a partner who refuses to introduce them to any of his friends for over a year.


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