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No jail time for Baylor fraternity president accused of rape


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This is disgusting


A Texas judge on Monday accepted a plea bargain allowing a former Baylor University fraternity president accused of rape to avoid serving jail time, prompting outrage from the former Baylor student who filed the complaint and her parents.

Judge Ralph Strother accepted the plea deal for Jacob Walter Anderson, who was indicted on sexual assault charges and pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of unlawful restraint. A no contest plea means a defendant does not admit guilt, but will offer no defense.


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I read a couple more local articles on this case, and it seems the community is stunned by this outcome.  The young woman did everything right after the rape, as difficult as it was for her.  I don't get why the plea bargain was accepted by the judge.   What kind of message does this send?  Who would want to report their rape, go through a trial, and have this outcome.   Aarrggh! 

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Hmmmm, Baylor.  A Baptist university. 

Baylor should suffer the NCAA death penalty
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Resurrecting this old thread. Baylor - a good Baptist college unlike Notre Dame or Gonzaga 🙄 - is back in the news. (read "a good baptist college" in the voice of the player in The Replacements that says "not a good Christian boy like you!" :)

NCAA is not punishing Baylor for sexual assault allegations. on CBS Morning news this morning Dana Jacobson (I think) said that the report states that the entire college culture is ripe with allowing this behavior and the article also talks about this point. It also talks about some of the men accused of various assaults and the sentences.

This article could be triggering for some people.


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