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Morphe eyeshadows


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Has anybody of you experience with Morphe make up? I ordered two eyeshadow pallettes because I saw them on YouTube. I stumbled over a discussion wether youtubers are honest with morphe because they are on their influencerlist and get products for free or money when they advertise the products (that's what a YouTube newbie understood...) . I ordered the pallettes because I thought the price was affordable and the colours looked great. And I thought: when I can count on anybody's opinion it's from the free jinger women. And it is an american brand and I don't know anybody  in person who uses Morphe. 

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Yep I will try them out and post my opinion. I ordered one very colorful pallette, with green, blue, yellow, red, pink, orange and shades between. And one with glitter and more neutral bordeaux colours. It's an american brand, I never heard of it before until I started to watch YouTube make Up tutorials. 

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So here is my opinion of the Morphe eyeshadows. If anyone is interested in it. If not, well here it is nevertheless😊

They are awesome! I got 35 bright funny colours for 26 Euros (about 30$), and 15 neutral colours for 17 Euros (about 20$) , so I will call them affordable. I ordered them online and they shipped them to Germany without extra costs. 

The colorful palette is very good pigmented and they stay on my lid the whole day. Nothing fades away, I always use an eyeshadow primer under the eyeshadow, but these are the first ones that really stay there for about 10 hours. I tried nearly every colour and I am very very pleased with them. The pink ones are bright pink, the green ones are bright green, the matt ones are matt, and the glitter ones are … I think you got it... glittery. I can blend them in easily (I have no real MakeUp experience, but after 125 YouTube Videos even I understood that I should blend them in…), some colours have fall out, some don't  ( yep, I learned a lot from YouTube).

Mr. Scrabblemaster thinks they look good, he has some fun with them I think. 2 days ago he told me to try to blend the pink one in with the green one, I did and it looked great. 

The neutral palette is great too, I can make some good adult looks with them. For occasions where I have to look like an adult. But I can be an adult even if I have bright yellow glittery eyehadow on my eyes. The children I work with think that it's hilarious, one girl is a fan of the pink-glitter-eyeshadow. The adults I work with … well I am doing a great Job with and without pink eyeshadow. I had some funny conversations with a couple of mothers.  I won't wear pink eyeshadow forever, for the future I will try to blend different colours together, I think this will make them more suitable for workdays. 

Life is too short for grey, I prefer to bring colour in my life 

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I love Morphe eyeshadows, too. I have 3 full size pallettes now, and two smaller ones. For years I only used cream eyeshadows because powders never stayed on all day. One of our (German) exchange students bought me the first pallette as a thank you gift, and I'm so glad she did. I never would have tried them otherwise. My teenage daughter had been asking for one for quite a while, though. She watches a lot of YouTube tutorials, as well, so she had seen them in action.

The Morphe shadows stay on really well for me. I love how they blend. Some of the super shimmery types are not as vivid, they take a lot of layering to get much color, but all of the rest are really nice. Good color payoff, average fallout, awesome blending.

I don't use the super bright shades very much, but I think I'll try a few out this week. I'm a high school teacher now. My students will certainly say something if it doesn't look good. :D

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