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Are You Atheist, Agnostic, Pantheist, Deist, Pagan or what?

My results:

Atheist / Secular Humanist (100%)   

Scientific Pantheist  (70%)   

Agnostic Pantheist  (67%)   

Idealist Pantheist (58%)   

Dualist Pantheist  (56%)   

Deist (45%)   

Literal Pagan / New Age / Animist  (36%)   

Panentheist More Information (36%)   

Regular Monotheist (36%)   

Agnostic  (7%)   

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My results:

Dualist Pantheist (100%). 
I am not sure what exactly a dualist pantheist is. I had never heard of pantheism before, let alone dualist pantheism.

Literal Pagan/ New Age/ Animist (92%). 
I don't identify with pagan and/or new age at all. I do understand the animist part, but I see my self more as a posthumanist/new materialist than an animist. I am not sure if I believe plants and other "non-animate" matter have "souls", but I do believe animate and inanimate things are always connected with and to each other, and that it is not necessarily the presence of a "soul" that makes things important/have importance/carry importance. I do believe everything has agency, but nothing has agency in and of themselves; things only have agency in connection to/with other things.

Panentheist (78%).
Not sure if this is a typo and it's actually supposed to say "Pantheist", or if panentheist is something different entirely. Never heard of this term before.

Scientific Pantheist (76%)
Regular Monotheist (75%) (I very much don't identify with this.) 
Agnostic Pantheist (74%)
Idealist Pantheist (70%)
Deist (66%) (Don't identify with this either)
Atheist/Secular Humanist (51%) (I do see myself as a posthumanist, not a traditional humanist)
Agnostic (14%)

Edit: I just looked up the definition pantheism --> "a doctrine which identifies god with the universe, or regards the universe as a manifestation of god". Yeah I don't think I identify with that. I do not see the universe as a(n) (unitary) entity, nor do I see the universe as something that would possess something like a "will". I don't see the universe as "god". I don't see anything as god. I am not sure if anything like a god or multiple gods exists, though I'm leaning more towards "god/gods don't exist", and I think that we most likely won't find out for sure for at least two hundred more years, if we can ever find it out at all. That's why I kind of expected "agnostic" would be much higher up in my results.

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Scientific Pantheist (100%)   

Dualist Pantheist  (82%)   

Agnostic Pantheist  (76%)   

Idealist Pantheist  (76%)   

Literal Pagan / New Age / Animist (76%)   

Deist  (64%)   

Atheist / Secular Humanist  (58%)   

Panentheist  (47%)   

Regular Monotheist  (29%)   

Agnostic  (0%)   

I clicked on the 'more information' link and it took me to someone on Amazon trying to sell their independently published book, so I'm thinking this quiz is basically just a giant ad. :pb_lol: But when I tried to get back to the results to click on the other links the page had timed out, so I'm not sure where they led. My brief foray into googling 'scientific pantheism' brings up results for 'naturalistic pantheism' which look interesting and which I (so far) identify with at least somewhat.

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On 5/31/2018 at 4:36 PM, singsingsing said:

I clicked on the 'more information' link and it took me to someone on Amazon trying to sell their independently published book, so I'm thinking this quiz is basically just a giant ad. :pb_lol: But when I tried to get back to the results to click on the other links the page had timed out, so I'm not sure where they led.

When I clicked there, it sent me here: www.pantheism.net

They are selling this book: Elements of Pantheism: A Spirituality of Nature and the Universe by Dr Paul Harrison

I can't really find any info on the author, since the name is a common one.

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This is my result . 


Scientific Pantheist More Information (100%)   

Dualist Pantheist More Information (86%)   

Literal Pagan / New Age / Animist More Information (80%)   

Idealist Pantheist More Information (73%)   

Agnostic Pantheist More Information (69%)   

Deist More Information (59%)   

Atheist / Secular Humanist More Information (47%)   

Panentheist More Information (44%)   

Regular Monotheist More Information (28%)   

Agnostic More Information (0%

This is really no surprise , as I do currently self identify as being a naturalistic pantheist / religious naturalist  { https://www.pantheism.net/natural/ , https://www.pantheism.net/atheism/  , https://www.pantheism.net/agnostic/ , https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_naturalism }  P.S. I think that this quiz is even better .  http://selectsmart.com/nontheism/  


Your Complete Results:

1.Deist (100%)More Info

2.Secular Humanist (94%)More Info

3.Ethical Culturist (92%)More Info

4.Unitarian Universalist(90%)More Info

5.Transhumanist(89%)More Info

6.Rationalist(85%)More Info

7.Weak Agnostic(84%)More Info

8.Naturalistic Pantheist (83%)More Info

9.Implicit Atheist (82%)More Info

10.Ignosticist(82%)More Info

11.Freethinker(78%)More Info

12.Strong Agnostic (78%)More Info

13.Strong Atheist(76%)More Info

14.Iconoclast (71%)More Info

15.Theravada Buddhist (67%)More Info

16.Atheistic Paganist (66%)More Info

17.Objectivist(65%)More Info

18.Taoist (62%)More Info


I suppose that the reason why I got deist as my top result , this time , was that I expressed that , although I do not believe in any personal Supreme Being , I do accept the conceptual validity of the " first cause "  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unmoved_mover . 

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to add my results for the other quiz
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