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David Spade was in bad vehicle accident on Jan 4


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Thankfully though David wasn't badly hurt



Things could have been a lot worse for David Spade after he was involved in a pretty horrific car accident on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

The actor's tricked out Range Rover was destroyed after he was hit by another vehicle on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Somehow, David seems to have only suffered minor bumps and bruises, but he is getting checked out by a doctor, TMZ reported.

The website, which has photos of the accident's aftermath, said the actor was headed to dinner when he took a left turn at the very busy intersection during a busy time of the evening. That particular location is known as one of the most dangerous intersections in the city.

"An oncoming car sped up to beat the yellow light, and collided with [David's] Range Rover," the website said. "His airbags deployed, his ride spun into another car and one of his rear tires went flying about 100 feet."

He and Chris Farley were awesome together....

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