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Samsung discontinuing the Note 7


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Samsung has decided to wish the Note 7 out into the cornfields.



Samsung has permanently halted production and sales of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after failing to correct a problem that was causing the devices to burst into flames.

The loss of one of its flagship smartphones is a major embarrassment for Samsung (SSNLF), which was forced to recall 2.5 million Note 7s shortly after the device went on sale in August.

The South Korean firm attempted to fix the problem by switching battery suppliers and updating the smartphone's software. Company executives issued a slew of apologies.

But when replacement phones were issued, a number of customers reported that those devices also caught fire, including one aboard a passenger jet.

I remember when I was on the flight last week that was part of the announcements, to keep those Note 7s off during the flight.

They probably should've run the Note 7 across a few hundred more drawing boards before putting it into use. 


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