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Pennsylvania police officer says he was pleasuring himself to stay awake


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He said he was trying to stimulate himself to stay awake on the drive home;



Bethlehem patrolman Glenn C. Woolard ended his night shift and was driving home Wednesday morning when he pulled down his basketball shorts and exposed himself, according to court records.

A woman in a box truck was driving next to Woolard's sedan as they both went south on Hamilton Boulevard in Lower Macungie Township and was shocked at what she saw, telling a state trooper who took her report, he was "waving it around" and fondling himself, court records say.

The woman gave the sedan's license plate number to police, who went to Woolard's nearby house. At first, Woolard denied the accusation, but then confessed, authorities said.

The 35-year-old patrolman admitted exposing himself Wednesday morning and also a week earlier in the parking lot of the Target store where a woman said he had his window down "as if he wanted to be seen," the records say.

You know, doing what I did after a night shift - grabbing a Egg McMuffin and a Sprite - on the way home is just as effective and a lot more legal than what he did. 



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Wouldn't the completion of said activity want to make him sleepy? Or was it the thrill of possible discovery that keeps him awake, perhaps?  :: shrugs ::

Good thing I'm not a mind reader. :brainbleach:

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11 minutes ago, VooDooChild said:

LMAO!!!  Probably not the best way to embrace his kink.

So THAT's what the kids are calling it these days.  :devilish:

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I drove 4 hours across the province today bringing my children back from my ex-husband's.  When I got tired, I stopped at McDonald's for an iced coffee.  Doing this didn't even cross my mind.  I can't even figure out how anyone would think that this would be a good way to stay awake while driving.  (And I'm spending way too much time trying to figure out why someone would think this is - while driving - a better idea than a cup of coffee.)

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