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I thought it would be interesting if those of us who felt comfortable posted the areas/times we were researching in case someone else was digging in the same locations/time - maybe share sources if any outside of the usual sites?  I just know on my lines where I have more info I keep seeing the same other names crop up and even though they aren't mine I'd be happy to give an assist to someone else if I could.

For right now my huge brick walls (which seem to be reinforced with steel) are - these are KILLING me:

  1. Neuwied/Heddesdorf/Koblenz, Germany (Rhineland Pflaz) - before 1923
  2. Bochum/Weitmar, Germany (Westfalen) - before 1910 (Prussia at the time - ethnically Polish > immigrated to Germany to work in the mines.  In Ruhr area at least 1.5 generations.  It's a very specific ethnic group so I thought it would be easier to find information but it hasn't been the case since many records no longer exist.)

I'll post my others when I get home and if we're working in the same areas I'm happy to share information in PM or link to my ancestry...I just don't want to post surnames since people with our hobby google surnames like it's our job!  I love you guys...and that holds even if one of you turns out to be one of my cousins because virtue of you being here means you aren't one of the weirdos sharing my DNA putting confederate flags on ancestors graves. :)  



  • Germany:  Neuwied, Heddesdorf, Koblenz, Bochum, Weitmar
  • Colorado: Morgan Co (breifly)
  • Illinois:  Cook Co., La Moille Bureau 
  • Colorado: Morgan Co (breifly)
  • Iowa:  Buena Vista Co.
  • Missouri:  Laclede Co


  • Germany:  Neuwied, Heddesdorf,  Bochum, Weitmar
  • Illinois:  La Moille Bureau, LaSalle
  • Missouri:  Laclede Co.
  • Ohio: Cos Ross, Fayette, Jefferson, Hamilton
  • Ireland:  Co. Cork
  • Pennsylvania:  Washington
  • Virginia:  
  • New Jersy
  • Tennessee:  White Co, Seiverville
  • North Carolina
  • Indiana:  Crawfordsville
  • Maryland:  Frederick

This is too hard - I need a spreadsheet!  And some actual memory because I can't pull it up at work or my afternoon will be shot and that's all I've got off the top of my head.

(what I need is to be able to focus until I can get home and play)






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WESTERKAPPELN,WESTFALEN,PRUSSIA (sorry for the caps - that was a copy/paste).  prior to 1854.  

Holstein Germany (maybe Lubek maybe Bad Oldsloe) (Technically Prussia at the time) 1893 and earlier.

Both of the above wind up in St. Louis.

Then there is the Cherokee County KS, Stone County Missouri, Carroll County Arkansas.   Cherokee County also ties to Indiana/Ohio, Virginia, and New England.  Oh, wait, Ireland of unknown immigration date (except it was prior to 1850 with an N Ireland reference on at least one census record) - The Irish ancestor lands in Kentucky.

Scott, Montgomery, Greene counties in Illinois.(goes back through Tennesse, Kentucky, Indiana, PA and New Jersey)

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