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Adeye's not going to SA after all


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I'm lmfao, I can't help it. :lol: The fruits of their "praying and fasting" sound a lot like common sense. God gave you a brain, you don't have to ask him before you use it!

Did she take the original post about moving to SA down? I can't find it now.

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Ok, first of all, this part is utter bullshit:

Six weeks ago we received numerous letters of concern over us moving our family of eleven to South Africa. For those in South Africa who gave us warnings, the message was the same—a deep concern about taking our family into a situation that has become increasingly volatile with carjackings, murders, house break-ins and muggings.

This is not a new problem in South Africa, Salem family. This is a known, ongoing issue.

Good to hear that they're returning the donations, though.

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