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L.A. Unified school stops citing for minor offences!


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http://www.latimes.com/local/education/ ... tml#page=1

Did anyone else see this?

I think it's a great idea! If two kids get into a fight, of course that's a no no, but it shouldn't keep them from graduating. It makes sense that the less you treat children like criminals, the less they will act like them.

On the other hand, I read in one of Malcolm Gladwell's books that when NYC police cracked down on graffiti and not paying bus tickets, crime went down.

Perhaps a happy medium would be to punish minor offenses, but with minor punishments? You chewed gum in class, you have 5 minutes detention. I'd like to see how graduation and crime rates look at that school in another 10 years. In the end, I think results are more important that ideology.

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