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Joseph Prince?


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Has anyone heard of this guy? My mom has been "getting religion" and really loves him.. so she's been sending me books he's written. I've flipped through them, and felt uncomfortable (I know it's common pastor-speak, but being called sister and 'beloved' really creeps me out). I've Googled but couldn't find out much, except that he's apparently a charismatic pastor and lives in Singapore (or maybe it was Australia).

Something that really stuck out to me, though, was during reading the latest one Mom had sent ("100 Days of Favour") he mentioned being instructed by the lord to pray for one of his students, who had missed school that day, and later turned out to have been abducted by Adrian Lim.. who released her because Satan "didn't want" her (according to Prince, because his prayer had covered her in Jesus' blood/protection).

Except I searched online, and could find no mention of a 3rd child kidnapped by Adrian Lim, let alone any mention of one who had been released. Making up a story makes me question this guy (a lot of what he says seems pretty far-fetched -- does he think no one knows how to use the Internet?), and making up a story like that makes me feel like he's pretty sleazy.

So yeah.. anyone else heard of this guy?

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I loved his book Unmerited Favor and I never got the fundie vibe from him, but more so the typical evangelical meaga church preacher vibe.

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