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‘Family Values’ R Senator Arrested After Assaulting Wife


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this guy is a real winner and they still voted for him. this is the thing I hate that christians ignore the bad part of the people elect as long as they hold the same values. but they don't really but it does not seem to matter.

http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/02/05 ... wife-cops/

Jason Priest, a ‘pro-marriage’, ‘family values’ republican state senator from Montana was arrested on February 1, 2014. The charges included domestic assault and resisting arrest. According to KTVQ.com, out of Billings, Montana, the Senator is accused of using force against his wife, as well as fighting with a police officer.

Priest used physical force against his wife and fought with the arresting officer.

The police were called to Priest’s family home at around 8 pm, on Saturday night. The arresting officer’s complaint states that he identified himself as a police officer several times, but Priest continued to fight him. The original citation said that Priest also pushed his daughter to the floor. A Red Lodge, Montana City Attorney later asked that the reference to his daughter be struck from the complaint.

Priest represents Montana’s District 9, which includes his home town of Red Lodge. He is a member of the NRA and supports the ‘pro-life’ agenda. He also claims to be a defender of ‘traditional marriage.’

This is not Priest’s first public scandal.

In 2013, Priest was called out by the public for offensive remarks which he made on another person’s Facebook page, during a debate about economics.

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