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Who are the power players behind the fundamentalist movement


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I wonder if this has been discussed here before - if so it would be great if somebody can post the links to earlier discussions.

We mainly snark on minor bloggers here and while it is a lot of fun to bitch about engagements at Arby's, manly men hunting anacondas and flower girls in wedding dreses from the 80's, these bloggers have little influence or power.

But they are part of a big movement in the US and it would be very interesting to discuss who the power players behind the movement are. Who are they? How and where did it start? What influence do they have? What organizations do they run or support? What politicians do they influence? What ties do they have to different groups and where does the money come from?

I would love to learn more.

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I think you have to remember that there are many branches of fundamentalism. There is definitely some crossover, but they can be very different. For the Hyles branch of IFBx(extremists), your big guys are Jack Hyles, John R. Rice (both now deceased) Jack Schaap, Bob Gray (of Texas not the FL one), Keith Gomez, Randy Taylor, Paul Chappell, Jack Trieber, maybe Dave Delaney and Eric Capaci since they both have colleges too. There's many others that I have neglected to name, but that would get you started. But you wouldn't find and ATI or VF member in sight b/c these men (at least from what I know about them) wouldn't be willing to share the spotlight with Bill Gothard or Doug the Tool. Their programs take away from their, I mean, the authority of the local church.

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Read this: The Family. It'll scare the crap out of you.

Things I hadn't known: Powerful dominionists are behind the innocuous-seeming annual Prayer Breakfast. It's so entrenched in Washington politics that even the President won't blow it off, less he look anti-Christian[tm][/tm]. Separation of church and state, my @$$.

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