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GOP Lawmaker Endorses Bill To Legalize Discrimination


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I can't believe this is happening in Washington. Not just religious beliefs but anyone that does not like a gay person can refuse service. These GOP idiots are so blind to their own hatred that they will takes back to the stone age. How can you have religious freedom when you deny others their religious freedom? All about the christian elite and nothing about Cristian love.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/2 ... 64812.html

Legislation proposed in Washington state this week would allow businesses to deny service to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population and others, based on religious differences.

Under the terms of the bill, businesses in the state could refuse service to anyone whose religious or philosophical beliefs differ from their own. They could not, however, refuse service based on areas protected under federal law, which does not include the LGBT community.

The legislation was sparked by a lawsuit filed in April by the American Civil Liberties Union against a florist in Richland, Wash., who, based on her religious beliefs, denied service to a gay couple who were getting married, The Associated Press reports.

State Sen. Sharnon Brown (R-Kennewick), the lead sponsor of the bill, told The Associated Press that religion needs to be protected by the state government.

"There's a glaring lack of protection for religion in state law," Brown said.

The portion of the state's non-discrimination statute that Brown seeks to amend includes sexual orientation, but is limited to specific areas and does not include service in businesses. The areas protected include employment, hotel stays, the purchase of real estate and insurance, and the use of credit cards.

It is unclear if Brown's proposals would now allow hotels to deny rooms to LGBT individuals. Brown was not available for immediate comment.

In her legislation, Brown writes that many people come to the United States to escape religious discrimination and her bill is a way to preserve religious freedom.

But opponents of the legislation, including Equality Washington, noted that Brown's bill is seeking to create a new class of discrimination in the state instead.

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They chose the wrong state to propose the bill then. Scary people still think like this.

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Why do people always scream religious discrimination when their so-called right to be bigots is called into question? They're Christians. In America.

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I absolutely detest the Republican Party, and crap like this is why I completely reject the mealy-mouthed calls for "compromise" and "moderation" and whatever the hell else people with weak constitutions propose for our dysfunctional political system.

Until the GOP drags itself out of the disgusting pit of hate - for EVERYONE - they've plopped themselves in, no Republicans, ever, not one. Straight democrat party line vote across the board. They're not perfect, but these days the alternatives are completely unacceptable. When a generation or two of GOP dies off maybe they'll pose a viable option, but not for the foreseeable future.

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This florist is in my hometown and it's been somewhat interesting hearing both sides of the story and their reasons for why they believe what they do. We keep hearing about how the owner served this two gentleman all the time and that's her showing that she wasn't discriminating against the LGBT community, but then others will return with her not providing the flowers at the wedding is her discriminating. The rebuttal tends to be that this was her right as a private business owner with religious convictions. The tennis match of arguments can be pretty amusing to read.

I've also read in our local news reports that this case is starting to be posed as a litmus test for poking holes in the "can't discriminate even if it's for religious reasons" national/federal argument. Since this area is little known outside of the PNW or nuclear industry (the Hanford site is mere miles away) it's weird to think that our forgotten town could end up being so important if this case does end up going in that direction.

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