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Fundies' agency over sexuality


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Who decided that males had no agency over their own sexuality? And that women should not have agency over their own sexuality? And did they not notice, that that implies women do have agency over their sexuality, but should give it up for God? So, if they aren't controlled by women, do men and women (who are self-policing), break free and have sex everywhere? Is this an accurate summary?

(Ignoring, for now, that there are people who do not fit in the fundies' cis-gendered world view. And, I mean control, maybe agency isn't the right word? Does this make sense to yall?)

TIA from a confused newb. I just don't get this.

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The idea that men are uncontrollably horny and that women should be the gatekeepers of morality has historical roots. Which historical roots, I can't remember.

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