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We should control men! (Social commentary/humor)

Soldier of the One

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Maybe this should be expanded to gun ownership as well.

Perhaps men just shouldn't be allowed to have them. I mean, you don't see many women shooting up neighborhoods and schools. Can't remember the last drive-by shooting done by a woman and they hardly ever go around shooting up theaters and political events. And not a single woman has had any success in assassinating a president to date. Since 17 million women in the US own or carry guns, we can only conclude that women in general are far more responsible gun owners than are men.

So maybe we should only issue gun licenses to women and develop gender sensing technology that prevents anyone with a y chromosome from working a trigger. Sure, we’d have to amend the Second Amendment to add one little world (“a well armed and well regulated female militiaâ€), but small changes like that have been made before. Gun manufacturers would still be busy churning out new guns, the NRA would still exist, but society in general would be much safer and those men who can’t simply can’t control themselves around short skirts and cleavage would probably think twice before they acted on those manly urges.

“Who you callin’ “feminaziâ€, Rush? Go ahead, make my day.â€

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