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Duggars and Catholicism


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So... can somebody clear up for me the position Duggars and their particular flavour of fundie hold on the catholic church?


Not only is there the Knights of Columbus sign, but apparently yesterday they went campaigning for Santorum to Ave Maria, a catholic university town in Southwest FL (ask me how fundie! They have flamewars about communion railing). There's a bunch of pictures floating around facebook, of JimBoob, Smuggar and couple of the older girls posing with residents and in front of the university and the Oratory.


My partner has a bunch of Ave people friended on facebook and those pictures popped up on her wall; lots of comments, and the reaction to the Duggars seems to be overwhelmingly positive. I'd always thought ATI/Gothard and the catholic church didn't mesh... what gives?

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Prolifers will basically toss aside any issues to align themselves with other prolifers when they see it as being nessecary to keep the cause going. This isn't new or the first time it's happened. The same applies to same-sex marriage. The Mormons and the Catholics have gotten together on these issues many times and they don't exactly have warm feelings towards each other. Why should this be any different?

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