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Sidney Powell: Is Anyone on Trump's Legal Team Sane?


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For those who missed the big RNC press conference Sidney Powell did with Rudy and the other members of Trump's legal team, she unveiled her conspiracy of how the election was "stolen" from Trump:


The affidavit in question is below. Heads up that it does contain typos and the witness gives two different dates as to when the software he discusses was first used.










Here's a Twitter thread which goes through the affidavit referenced above:




Powell is busy making the rounds on conservative media. Here's her interview with Glenn Beck where she told him that she's gathering massive amounts of evidence from people in the United States and abroad. Powell repeats the conspiracy theory that the U.S. has seized Dominion servers in Germany and that those servers were used to tabulate U.S. votes. Evidence to prove her claims is supposed to be posted to the internet and given to friendly media outlets as early as this weekend, and more lawsuits are coming, possibly as early as this coming week.



Hey look, it's George Padadopoulos!



Mike Huckabee wants in on this:



Her Twitter feed is definitely, uh, something:






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I don't believe I've ever heard Michael Steele lose his cool before:


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10 hours ago, Miranda said:

Trump sure is associated with a bunch of wackos.

Gotta wonder why so many people are willing to kill their careers for him.   Sure it might be a boost for some with some other right wing or crazy organization so they may have a future but any respectable organization is not going to touch these folks with a ten foot pole.   I don't know about them but if one job has the serious potential to kill my future career, my future network, I would be out of there.  But then again, I am not crazy. 

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I popped over to her Twitter account to see if she'd released any new "evidence" yet, and found this:



Remember those servers in Germany she claims were seized?



She's a chain email with a law degree. :roll:

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5 hours ago, mamallama said:

Just occurred to me whatever happened to Jay Sekulow?

According to a recent article at Newsmax, he is still Trump's personal lawyer.

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I watched the whole thing. Here are some highlights:

3:14- Powell claims that democrats "literally" added 35,000 votes to every democratic candidate. When pressed, she says that's for one state, but then says she thinks that happened everywhere.

4:20- Mark Halpern (gross!) reads her a statement from Senator Toomey where he says that Trump has exhausted all legal options in Pennsylvania, and asks her if that is true. She disagrees and says that Pennsylvania is a "hotbed" of fraud and criminal acts, and she will be "dumping" evidence of such in the fraud case she's going to file there.

5.08- Claims that the Justice Department has known about this issue for a long time and has "turned a blind eye to it." She then wonders about the CIA's role in beginning this program for use on foreign nations.

5:28 "Why would Donald Trump's Justice Department not be interested in this?" Powell says that neither Trump nor Barr have enough control over the Justice Department.

6:17- Claims that people saw votes being subtracted from Trump and added to Biden's total. Says this is what the Dominion system was designed to do.

8:17- Claims that it's possible to "drag and drop hundreds of thousands of votes" to the desired candidate. Says that those who bought the Dominion system knew about this feature.

8:46- "How many people would have to be in on something like this?" Powell claims that thousands would have to be involved, as they would need to be at each polling center. Claims that someone high up the food chain at Dominion went to Detroit the evening of the election to oversee the operation there. Says that there were "VPN lines open to the internet" so that foreign countries could participate in the scheme.

9:17- She's asked why the machines were turned off. She says the witness from Venezuela saw that happen and knew that the "landslide" of votes for Trump had "broken the algorithm," so the machines had to be shut down so that fraudulent votes could be added to Biden's total, or votes for Trump removed.

10:17- She's asked if she thinks Georgia will switch back to Trump. She declares that Georgia "is a total farce" and that Kemp and the Secretary of State were in on the "Dominion scam." Says the authorities in Georgia should look at Kemp, the SoS, and their families, as she claims they must have received compensation for their part.

10:59- Claims that Hugo Chavez probably got the technology for the software from the CIA.

11:07-"Just to clarify, you're saying that Governor Kemp, who has been a long-time ally of the president is directly involved in a conspiracy to defeat the president?" Powell says that's what someone told her and urges law enforcement to investigate the matter.

11:59- She's asked what she plans to present in her lawsuit against Georgia. She demurs on the details and says she hopes to have the suit ready to file this week. "It will be Biblical."

12:15- Which state is the worst in terms of vote switching? "That's hard to say, Georgia is extremely bad." Claims ballots were shredded, thrown away, people working the elections were liars, "votes being switched, algorithms being run." Claims various methods of fraud occurred in Georgia.

12:54 -"I think the algorithm ran all across the country" but then says she can't know that for sure.

13:02- "It looks like 35,000 votes were added to every democratic candidate."

13:05- She's asked how the system can "make a vote for Biden worth more than Trump." She says she believes the "first step" was for the "system to weight the votes" so that a "Trump vote is worth three-quarters, and a Biden vote is one and a quarter." Claims reports are showing fractional numbers for votes. Then she says that "it's nuts."

13:49- "Everything that you're alleging is nuts which is why I think you're getting so much scrutiny and criticism, but if it's true, and we don't know as we can't see what you've seen."

14:01- Is asked what she sees in Michigan. She says it's the same as the other places only in higher numbers. Claims ballots were "stuffed in" via computer by "dragging and dropping votes from one file to another."

14:57- Mark Halpern asks her to give a preview of the week ahead. New lawsuits won't be filed until Wednesday at the earliest. Attacks the media for asking for evidence to be produced, says you don't produce evidence at this point. "I could wait a month to file the fraud case, and everybody would have to undo their certifications because it's so bad."

16:20- Claims voting machines were modified after the statutory cut-off date, which she claims should invalidate every vote on that machine.

17:00- Claims that there is evidence online right now to support her claims and needs to get her website updated to reflect the complaints they've received.

17:15- Repeats her claims about the Venezuelan witness who saw how the software supposedly worked in Venezuela to keep Hugo Chavez in power.

17:32- Claims that Dominion's handbook tells you that the vote switching is a feature of their system.

17:45- Says the democrats used the vote switching feature in 2016 against Bernie Sanders in the primary and that he was informed of this but chose not to make it public. Someone sent her "data" showing that Bernie knew and supposedly received enough money to buy "another fabulous house" to keep him quiet.

18:35- Claims both parties have used this and "we don't know who was elected by buying their election through Dominion."

19:05 Says she believes that John James was "ripped out of his seat" and the software was also used against Doug Collins in Georgia

19:19 Brings up the 35,000 votes added to every democratic candidate bit again, and she thinks it affected congressional races.

19:47 Claims people are trying to hack her website where they will be posting their so-called evidence.

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Just straightening up
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This is totally deranged.  It is now gospel among a staggering portion of our populace. 

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42 minutes ago, Howl said:

This is totally deranged.  It is now gospel now among a staggering portion of our populace. 

It really is. The Trump supporters I know truly believe this woman is some sort of an astounding lawyer who is getting ready to blow this wide open. And if you attempt to explain to them that she hasn't exactly been willing to get in front of judges to present her "evidence" or even make claims of fraud, they just get mad and say the media isn't giving her time. Trump has succeeded in convincing a huge amount of people that the election was rigged and no amount of facts and evidence will convince them otherwise. 

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Twitter is having way too much fun with Sidney Powell:


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Numbers. What do they mean?

Because there's always a tweet, someone has unearthed a Sydney Powell tweet from 2016 where she calls Trump out as a noxious rube and general loser.  If I come across it again, I'll post it. 

I'm enjoying über birther and right-wing nut case and dentist (!), Orly Taitz being unearthed but fortunately not resurrected.  Sadly for Orly's reputation, the current tsunami of bat-shit conspiracy crazy makes her look like a rank amateur. 

Tomorrow's developments will be "interesting."

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3 minutes ago, SPHASH said:

Beat me to it!

Guess this is the end of this thread. 

If she's anything like the rest of the cockroaches in Twitler's orbit, she'll keep showing up like a bad penny.

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Q is divided. Some think this means she's no longer fighting for Trump, she's fighting for "we the people" (they really love that phrase), or someone is going to get fired soon, and she'll be taking their spot.

I wonder if they ever stop and think about how ridiculous this all is?

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