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Has world hunger ended and I didn't get the message?

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Because the last time I checked, somewhere upwards of 25,000 die EVERY DAY from hunger related issues.

Dear Lori,

God does not provide.


Should impoverished families keep having children, even if they can't provide for them?


If couples are blessed with children, God will provide for them.

If you read the whole post and comments, Lori ends up doing some serious sidestepping to make this post. There are a few questions she skirts around, and others she just ignores. It's worth noting that she only has 4 children herself. She also thinks Michelle Duggar is a great mom. Why am I surprised :roll:


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She is so not a learner. She's a "let me lecture you until you agree with me so I shut up" -er. Her blog is falsely titled. It should be "Always Lecturing"

For the record, I know plenty of women who have children and don't feel "fulfilled."

What is up with this one:

Erin · 1 hour ago

Oprah endorsed Obama. I would say she has hurt more than helped.

Michelle is an amazing mother that is selfless beyond compare.

Has Obama done something terrible and I missed it? I mean, I don't see where this hate from the right is coming from. He's too conservative for me, but he doesn't seem like the WORST PRESIDENT EVER by any stretch of my (Bachelors in Political Science) imagination.

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Honestly? I think most of the hate from fundies for Obama is more racism then anything. I seriously believe that

trash who keep going on and on about how Obama is the WORST PRESIDENT EVAH hates him more because he's black because Bush was ten times worse and the same trash that decry Obama hailed W.

On topic:

Fuck this bitch. Judgemental people like her are an embarrassment to Christianity.

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